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I Want to Get Rid of My Double Chin–But How?

Double chins are incredibly difficult to get rid of naturally, making them some of the most frustrating trouble areas on our bodies. The reality is, you don’t have to be overweight to notice yourself developing a double chin. You may be in incredible shape but still notice sagging on your neck as you get older, or you may just happen to have excess fat settle around your neck and jaw line.

No matter the cause or reason, we can all agree no one wants a double chin. Since areas of fat can’t be targeted with exercise, you may never see your double chin go away no matter how much exercise you do or how healthy your habits are. In fact, your double chin may become more prominent as time goes on, because you skin will only lose its elasticity and become looser as you age.

However, despite this rather disappointing reality, there are several solutions to banishing your double chin for good. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, Dr. Burnett and our team of medical professionals are well-versed in helping you sculpt and shape your body to your liking so you can be happy with every aspect of yourself.

At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we offer the following solutions to a double chin:

  • Neck lift surgery – No one enjoys looking in the mirror and likening their neck to gobbler. As your skin becomes softer and looser, the fat migrates down your face and comfortably settles right underneath your jaw. A neck lift surgery will solve these problems, as it will tighten your skin so it is not quite so loose while also removing excess fat. With this procedure, you can emerge looking younger, slimmer, more defined, and free of that pesky double chin!
  • Liposuction – Liposuction purely targets the fat you want to eradicate, and offers immediate results. Fat is broken up, suctioned out, and fat cells are vacuumed. The results will be permanent so long as you continue to look after yourself.
  • Kybella – Not many people have heard of Kybella, as it is a relatively new procedure. It is a nonsurgical procedure, so you can avoid going under the knife if you prefer not to. Kybella involves a series of injections that target fat cells directly, allowing them to evaporate over time. Within the first 2-3 treatments, you will start to see results, and optimum results will appear after 6-8 treatments.

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If you want to see your double chin disappear, any of the above procedures are viable and safe options. For Westfield plastic surgery you can trust to deliver you the results you’ve been dreaming of, look no further than Burnett Plastic Surgery. Our doctor, Dr. Burnett, prides himself on helping people regain their confidence and truly love what they see in the mirror. Don’t hesitate to jumpstart your transformation!

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