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Minimizing Troublesome 'Double Chin' Fat and More in Westfield, NJ

Patients who visit Burnett Plastic Surgery often ask Dr. Carlos Burnett about the options available for dealing with a double chin, referred to medically as submental fullness. Thanks to continued advances in dermatological care, patients now have a non-surgical solution, called Kybella®. NJ-area men and women alike—who may have extra fat in the under-chin area due to weight gain, aging, or genetics—typically find that they are satisfied with their treatment results, especially since diet and exercise may not have helped. Since stubborn areas of excess fat can make patients look heavier than they truly are, approximately 68 percent of men and women said they were bothered by the cosmetic problem.

Kybella® is an injectable formulated with deoxycholic acid, which is a molecule that is naturally occurring in the body. When injected into the neck area or elsewhere, it destroys the fat cells present. Once these targeted cells are broken down, they can no longer accumulate or store fat. Volume in the treated area reduces, and the result is a slimmer look.

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Kybella® Basics

A Kybella® treatment can often be completed in approximately 20 minutes at the office. There are minimal side effects that patients can expect, including swelling, numbness, redness, and bruising, but these should all be short-term and will go away within days of a treatment session. The results are achieved over the course of time, so patience is necessary. This is extremely beneficial, however, for men and women who want their results to be natural looking and gradual.

The perfect candidate for Kybella® is any adult who is bothered by submental fullness, wants to avoid invasive surgery, and has tried to address their condition with improved diet and exercise. Thousands of patients worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of this treatment and love the results achieved in their chin and neck profile.*

In addition using Kybella® in its FDA-approved role for reducing a double chin, Dr. Burnett can also inject it in other areas to address stubborn pockets of fat there. FDA approvals dictate how a manufacturer is allowed to market its product, but talented, skilled, and experienced doctors often find innovative uses that can be safely applied for satisfying results. In the case of Kybella®, Dr. Burnett uses it to reduce armpit or breast fat (known in slang terms as "sleevage"), fat that gathers at the mons pubis, and fat at the costal margin, which is the line on the abdomen where the ribcage ends.

Meet Our Nurse Injector
Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

Educated at The College of New Jersey, with a BA of Science and a Major in Nursing, Mukta Rane brings her passion for beauty, perfectionism and precision to Burnett Plastic Surgery. Both Dr. Carlos Burnett and Mukta Rane provide top-quality injectables to their patients.

Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

Injectables Beyond Kybella®

As an experienced injector, Dr. Burnett is also skilled in a range of other noninvasive options, including BOTOX® to relax muscles that cause forehead lines and other wrinkles, dermal fillers to replace volume lost in the face over time, and lip injections for a fuller, plumper smile.

Dr. Burnett begins each treatment with a consultation, so all patients will have an opportunity to discuss which treatment or combination of treatments would best suit their specific cosmetic needs, whether they are considering Kybella® or another option.

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