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Patients who choose BOTOX® at the NJ practice of Dr. Carlos Burnett are choosing the No. 1 best-selling product of its kind. FDA approved for the temporary improvement of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crow's feet in adults, the muscle-relaxing injectable is the most popular cosmetic treatment—noninvasive or surgical—in the world.

BOTOX® before and after
*Individual results may vary.

BOTOX® has become a widely recognized and requested procedure, with millions of people enjoying its results in 78 countries. As a neuromodulator, BOTOX® addresses the underlying muscles of the face that cause lines and wrinkles by temporarily reducing their contractions. Less muscle activity means less-visible lines. The injectable also has many other valuable uses, including creating a "lip flip," which relaxes muscles above the upper lip, giving the lip itself a fuller look.

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BOTOX® Basics

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Dr. Burnett is proud of the results he can achieve with BOTOX®, which can be used for more cosmetic applications than its FDA-approved uses. BOTOX® is regularly chosen by men and women who want to reduce the common signs of aging, such as "11s" (vertical lines that develop between the brows), horizontal lines across the forehead or neck, chin dimpling, and crow's feet. It can also inhibit sweat gland activity, making it ideal for patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

BOTOX® before and after
*Individual results may vary.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is derived from a naturally occurring organism called clostridium botulinum, which creates a neurotoxin that can effectively disrupt the chemical signals from nerves that tell wrinkle-forming muscles to contract. The injectable treatment is FDA-approved for cosmetic applications on the upper third of the face, around the eyes and forehead. It is also FDA approved for medical use for many conditions, including excessive underarm sweating.

What Are "Off-Label" Uses, Such as the BOTOX® Lip Flip?

Because BOTOX® is so versatile, well studied, and widely used, many doctors choose it to treat conditions beyond its officially FDA-approved applications. This is a common and safe practice when injections are performed in a physician's office by an experienced and specially trained injector. These uses are dubbed "off label," because they are not explicitly stated on the product's labeling.

One of the most common off-label uses for BOTOX® is a "lip flip." Patients who want a temporarily fullerlooking upper lip or to reduce a "gummy smile"—which reveals too much of the upper gums—can get subtle, yet noticeable results by relaxing the typically tense orbicularis oris muscle that runs around the mouth. Injections can not only create a fuller, less-revealing smile, but can also help to shape and define the desirable Cupid's bow. This is an alternate option to fillers used as lip injections, which physically add volume that some people enjoy, but others find to be too obvious.

BOTOX® Injection Procedure Details

BOTOX® injections are considered to be an outpatient procedure, meaning they are performed in a doctor's office, with no hospital stay required. Most patients experience little to no discomfort during the injection process, but a topical anesthetic may still be applied for anyone concerned about the sensation.

Dr. Burnett skilfully uses a very thin needle to inject small amounts of the drug into the muscles in a specific area. As an experienced BOTOX® provider, he can create natural-looking outcomes.

After a BOTOX® injection session, Burnett Plastic Surgery patients retain their ability to make facial expressions, looking naturally rejuvenated and vivacious. BOTOX® treatments usually take less than 15 minutes, and you can return to your normal daily routine when you leave our office, feeling great about your appearance.

BOTOX® typically takes a few days to begin working, with muscle activity slowing until wrinkles are visibly reduced. The effects can last up to four months, and patients are welcome to return for more injections at that time.

Meet Our Nurse Injector
Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

Educated at The College of New Jersey, with a BA of Science and a Major in Nursing, Mukta Rane brings her passion for beauty, perfectionism and precision to Burnett Plastic Surgery. Both Dr. Carlos Burnett and Mukta Rane provide top-quality injectables to their patients.

Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

What Causes Wrinkles and Lines?

Crow's feet, worry lines, marionette lines—the majority of people either have or will develop these unwanted wrinkles at some point in life. With age comes valued wisdom and experience, but not everyone is ready to accept the visible changes. As image-based social media platforms continue to thrive and many industries prioritize hiring youthful candidates, an increasing number of candidates choose to pursue cosmetic treatments like BOTOX®.

So what actually causes these creases to appear on the face and elsewhere? The answer is complex, but generally speaking, intrinsic aging is the most influential factor. Typically, from the moment we reach our mid-30s (and sometimes younger), major structural changes occur in the dermis. The skin loses its thickness due to a reduction in collagen (its main structural protein) and other elements necessary for pliant, elastic skin. To add to that, sebaceous glands produce less oil, and people tend to experience a decrease in subcutaneous fat.

Aside from aging, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, environmental damage from personal habits like smoking, or a chronic high sugar intake may all play a major role in weakening the skin. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in particular damages skin cells and hastens the breakdown of collagen, elastin, and moisture-loving hyaluronic acid.

Dynamic wrinkles, one of the two main types of wrinkles, are formed as a result of the repetitive muscle motions involved in such facial expressions as squinting or raising eyebrows in surprise. The human face has more than 30 muscles, and as the ones responsible for expressions contract, they pull the skin into new positions. As skin gets older, it doesn't bounce back the way it did when it was younger and more full of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Due to this shift, expressions begin to form wrinkles that can deepen and become constantly visible.

Fortunately, there are now many tried-and-true aesthetic solutions to the problem of unwanted dynamic wrinkles. Among them, BOTOX® is the most popular, used around the United States and world to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and create a fresh, more youthful look. BOTOX®, which is best suited for addressing dynamic wrinkles, temporarily relaxes the muscles in areas where wrinkles form, so that the surface layer of skin lies smooth.

Note that lines can also form as "static wrinkles," which are independent of muscle movement. Creases that appear due to volume loss and other skin changes are best addressed by dermal fillers, while fine lines can be reduced with chemical peels.

The Importance of a Skilled BOTOX® Injector

BOTOX® works to smooth the skin by relaxing muscles commonly used to make facial expressions, which means it must be injected with precision and care. Dr. Burnett uses his expertise as a plastic surgeon to customize treatments for each patient.

As a trainer for Allergan—the makers of BOTOX®, and Juvederm®— Dr. Burnett is more qualified to give injections than other kinds of physicians, such as dentists, general practitioners, and even dermatologists. His devotion to excellence and safety in all treatments extends to his team, including Nurse Injector Mukta Rane.

Meet Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Carlos Burnett

Founder and Leader of Burnett Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Dr. Carlos Burnett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving Westfield, New Jersey.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett


In addition to BOTOX®, Dr. Burnett also offers another neuromodulator: Xeomin®. Both injectables have a purified form of botulinum toxin as their active ingredient, and both work by preventing muscle activity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but they also have unique qualities that set them apart. Xeomin® tends to take a little less time than BOTOX® to begin working once injected, though it also spreads a bit farther from the injection site.

Minimally invasive soft tissue fillers like the JUVEDERM® line are some of the most commonly used products to treat static wrinkles, dryness, and volume loss. They are mainly used to soften and lift the mid-face area by adding volume to the cheeks, and to create a more youthful-looking chin, mouth area, and lips. As opposed to BOTOX®, these filers have a hyaluronic acid base that helps to hydrate the skin.

No matter the specific injectable chosen—whether a neuromodulator, a filler, or a combination of treatments—maintaining a healthy, youthful glow can have a massive impact on how you feel about yourself on a day-to-day basis. Your self-esteem, in turn, tends to influence your decisions and your outlook on life in ways that may not be evident.

Dr. Burnett can administer your BOTOX® injections and other treatments to achieve a smoother and younger look, keeping you looking and feeling great!*

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