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Breast Augmentation


Body proportions impact everything from how clothes fit to self-perception, so a woman happy with the size and look of her breasts compared to the rest of her body is typically a woman who is happy and confident in her overall appearance. Breast augmentation at the NJ-based Burnett Plastic Surgery can help women who are seeking that confidence, since breast enhancement changes the size and fullness of the breasts.

Patients can expect a consultation with Dr. Carlos Burnett, who will create a breast augmentation plan based on an individual's aesthetic goals while still ensuring realistic expectations. Though each plan is unique, all breast enhancement procedures at Burnett Plastic Surgery involve the use of implants to significantly improve body proportions, making it easier to fit into various types of clothing, including a bathing suit or lingerie.*

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Women seeking breast augmentation often do not merely want larger breasts. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is "Will my results look natural?" As an experienced, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Carlos Burnett works with each patient to help her achieve her desired aesthetic by meticulously planning the breast augmentation surgery steps, thoroughly discussing expectations, and offering suggestions to achieve balanced proportions not only on the breasts, but throughout the body. In addition to enlarging the breasts, breast augmentation can also correct deformities and improve the overall symmetry of the chest.

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*Individual results may vary.

Since breast augmentation involves the insertion of implants, much care is taken to select the ideal implant type for the patient, as well as the method used to insert it into the pocket. Skill is required to camouflage the necessary incisions in the natural lines and creases of the breast. Dr. Burnett also employs a particular surgical technique that allows patients to recover more rapidly and with less pain after a procedure. A patient's safety and satisfaction with her results are the primary goals of every breast augmentation.

Beyond incisions, various factors that impact the surgery and a patient's recovery are involved in achieving the best results from breast augmentation. Learn more about the process and how to get the results you want in a consultation with Dr. Burnett in his Westfield, NJ office.

You can also see the results of breast augmentation surgery on patients in the Burnett Plastic Surgery before-and-after photo gallery, to get an idea of the looks and proportions possible.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving Westfield, New Jersey.

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Breast implant surgery has evolved a great deal over the years. Women now have more options, including saline, silicone, and the latest cohesive silicone gel implants. The choices available allow for customization like never before.

Historically, breast augmentation has offered women two basic "styles": round or anatomical. Round implants may be high profile or regular and are a popular choice—though not necessarily the best option in every scenario. Anatomical breast implants are typically shaped roughly like a teardrop.

Implants may also be smooth, which allows for more movement within the pocket, or textured, so as to inhibit movement or "flipping."

One of the goals of our Westfield, NJ, plastic surgery team has been to provide our breast augmentation patients with the results they want by beautifully complementing the body's natural proportions. Considering recent developments made by the makers of breast implants, the results possible with breast augmentation surgery have improved even more.


The most dramatic change in implants has occurred in the development of the cohesive gel implant. Today, this type of implant can be customized to the ideal shape and size, tailored to the individual breast augmentation patient. Currently, form-stable implants, known as "gummy bear implants," are available in round or teardrop shape, something suitable for many women.

Explore the dual plane technique for breast augmentation with Westfield, NJ's Dr. Carlos Burnett.
Breast augmentation with Westfield, NJ's Dr. Carlos Burnett will involve a technique known as "dual plane insertion." This means the implant will be partially under and partially above the chest muscle. The upper portion of the implant is positioned under the pectoral muscle, while the lower portion of the implant is under the breast tissue alone. This better "hides" the visible edges of the implant while also addressing slight sagging for a fuller and perkier look that also appears natural.


Any woman who wants to change the size and shape of her breasts may be a candidate for the procedure. It is important that all breast augmentation patients be in general good health, maintain a relatively stable weight, and have a realistic perspective on what implants can and can't do. Dr. Burnett will work with each woman interested in augmentation surgery to help her determine whether the procedure is the best option for her, as well as answer specific questions.


Before making any final decisions, patients will work with Dr. Burnett to choose the right size and shape of implants, their placement, and the necessary incision locations. In the weeks leading up to the surgery, breast augmentation patients may be asked to make several lifestyle changes—such as stopping smoking—in order to create the most ideal body conditions for healing and recovery.

Dr. Burnett and his team will provide guidance on certain medications, and patients should stop using anti-inflammatory and other drugs. To make breast augmentation recovery easier, it helps to go shopping beforehand to stock up on any pain medications and food you may need while you heal. Get any household chores or errands out of the way and make arrangements for childcare beforehand if you need to.

Depending on your comfort level in letting others know about your breast augmentation surgery, it can be very helpful to have people around who can help to lift and carry items as needed, as well as aid in general chores.


Within a few hours after breast augmentation surgery, many patients are able to walk around, but it's best to organize a ride home from a friend or loved one—and even to have them stay overnight, if possible. Plenty of rest and sleep is needed after surgery, and it's normal to experience soreness, tightness, and swelling in the breast area. Light, gentle movement is encouraged after breast augmentation, as the activity helps to prevent blood clots from forming.

Don't get too busy, though! Breast augmentation patients should refrain from strenuous physical activity, including heavy lifting, for around six weeks following surgery, as such exertion can cause muscles to tear and lead to other complications that may require additional surgery. Any motion that causes trauma to the implants, that elevates the pulse or blood pressure, that involves raising the arms above the shoulders, or that causes the breasts to bounce can be harmful and negatively impact the ultimate results of the procedure. Patients may have to wear a surgical bra or compression bandage to help accelerate healing and achieve the most attractive final outcome.

Continue to avoid aspirin and similar blood thinners, as they can increase post-operative bleeding. Quit drinking alcohol and smoking for at least a few months after breast augmentation surgery—or at least until you've stopped taking pain medications—to allow the body to heal better.

It will take some time for the initial results to be seen, as the implants must fully "settle" into place.

The marks where the incisions were made are generally well hidden, but even these typically fade with time. Sun exposure can cause scars to grow more noticeable. While the areas where breast augmentation incisions are made are typically covered up when outdoors, take care to keep them away from ultraviolet radiation as much as possible.

Be sure to follow Dr. Burnett's comprehensive guidelines for a smooth breast augmentation recovery.


After breast augmentation, patients will be able to gradually incorporate more exercise into their daily routines, based on the recommendations of the doctor.

It is important to note that implants aren't guaranteed to last forever, but they are generally very durable and can last for decades if properly taken care of. There is no rule that the devices have to be replaced after a set number of years.

That said, your personal preferences may change over the years, so it makes sense to select a size and shape that you can see yourself being satisfied with for a long time. To protect the implants, it may be necessary to avoid certain types of bras and sleep positions.

Aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancies will inevitably affect the appearance of your breasts. Sports bras provide optimal support for exercise and are believed to reduce long-term sagging. Women can continue to have regular mammograms after breast augmentation and routine MRIs for silicone implants. Routine check-ups can help to identify leaks.


A range of breast procedures is available to accommodate women with a variety of aesthetic goals. A breast lift can address sagging, while a breast reduction focuses on removing volume to help clothes fit better, create a more proportional silhouette, and relieve back pain. Sometimes the best result is achieved by combining lifts with breast augmentation or reduction.

For women who have seen pregnancy and childbirth impact their appearance, the results of breast augmentation and other surgeries can complement the results of other procedures, such as tummy tuck or liposuction, for what is known as a Mommy Makeover.

No matter the procedure specifics, the goal at Burnett Plastic Surgery is to help each woman achieve a look that gives her confidence.

Burnett Plastic Surgery

Contact Westfield's Burnett Plastic Surgery today to discuss breast augmentation in NJ. Call (908) 233-0200 or send a message online.