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Patients' Frequently Asked Questions

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Our plastic surgery team encourages patients to ask questions because we want you to go into surgery confident in our abilities and come out of surgery more confident in yourself. After years of experience in helping patients reveal their best selves, we found that several questions kept cropping up. Read below to get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at our NJ practice.

You can find the answers to many questions about specific procedures on those procedure pages.

General FAQs

How Long is Recovery Time?

Though it depends on the procedure and the patient, most of our plastic surgery patients are back to work inside of two weeks—often less. For our many nonsurgical treatments, such as chemical peels and injections, recovery can be a matter of hours.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Though the results of procedures that lift age-related facial sagging—such as a blepharoplasty—can last anywhere from five to 15 years, procedures that reshape the face or body, such as a rhinoplasty, chin, breast augmentation, or Brazilian butt lift, are with you for life.

Do the Procedures Hurt?

During the procedure itself, patients are under general anesthetic and are completely comfortable. Post-surgery pain and discomfort is easily managed with medication and is gone after several days.

How Do I Pay for My Procedure?

As time and science march on, plastic surgery procedures become more precise and more affordable! We also offer a number of financing options and specials that can help defray the costs and make them much more manageable. Your finances should not bar you from feeling confident and beautiful!

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Dr. Carlos Burnett

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Dr. Carlos Burnett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving Westfield, New Jersey.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

What Does a Butt Lift Do?

This surgery can change the size and shape of the buttocks, making them rounder and lifting them higher to address undesirable contour changes that have happened over time, or to augment buttocks that have always been naturally flat due to genetics.

What is Used to Add Volume to the Buttocks?

A patient's own fat cells are collected and processed to be used for adding volume. These cells must be collected carefully so that they remain alive.

What Areas Can Provide Fat Cells for a Lift?

Cells used in the fat transfer procedure will be collected from a part of the body where there is already a sufficient amount of fat. It is important to not create contour irregularities or an unnatural look when collecting from the donor area. Common areas for collection include the lower back, waistline, and abdomen.

Are There Multiple Lift Options for the Buttocks?

A Brazilian butt lift adds volume, but a buttock lift is focused on physically lifting tissue for a perkier look. This surgery involves removing a specific amount of skin on the lower back. When the remaining tissues are sutured into place, the effect is a lift that raises the buttocks higher.

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