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Venus Versa

Smoother Skin, Better Defined Contours, and More in Westfield, NJ

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Skin is versatile, so it makes sense that an effective skin treatment should be versatile, too. Venus Versa at the Westfield, NJ-based Burnett Plastic Surgery is designed to not focus on a single rejuvenation method, but to address a range of cosmetic concerns, providing improved texture, tone, and elasticity as it reduces the appearance of scars and deep wrinkles, repairs damage, fades scars, and shrinks pores.

The non-invasive device can deliver IPL, radiofrequency energy alone, or radiofrequency energy paired with pulsed electromagnetic fields. In addition to benefiting facial skin, Venus Versa can also remove unwanted hair, reduce cellulite, and tighten sagging skin. Talk to the team today to discover how this device can help you achieve your own aesthetic goals.

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