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Skin is versatile, so it makes sense that an effective skin treatment should be versatile, too. Venus Versa at the Westfield, NJ-based Burnett Plastic Surgery is designed to not focus on a single rejuvenation method, but to allow for customizable sessions that can address a range of common cosmetic concerns.

The non-invasive device can deliver IPL, radiofrequency energy alone, or radiofrequency energy paired with pulsed electromagnetic fields. Each application can focus on specific issues, targeting everything from signs of aging to sun damage to unwanted hair.

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What Can Venus Versa Treat?

IPL with SmartPulse

The intense pulsed light setting for Venus Versa is ideal for targeting cosmetic problems related to pigment. Broad-spectrum light energy enters the skin in powerful pulses, then is absorbed by chromophores, which are responsible for giving skin and hair their color. The energy absorption causes the chromophores to heat up. This can trigger numerous effects: Visible vessels break down and are absorbed by the body, pigmented lesions (such as sun or age spots) break up, and hair-growing follicles shut down. A combination of blue and red light pulses can also be used to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation for clearer, smoother skin.

Nanofractional Radiofrequency with SmartScan

Radiofrequency energy is used for skin resurfacing Venus Versa treatments, creating small openings with tiny pins that deliver RF pulses into the tissue. The combination of pin-made channels and radiofrequency energy trigger wound-healing processes that can improve the appearance of damage, including scars from acne or trauma and stretch marks. This Venus Versa® modality can also even out texture and pigment irregularities and reduce redness associated with rosacea, the severity of deep wrinkles, and the appearance of large pores.


Pairing RF energy with pulsed electromagnetic fields is especially effective for remodeling existing collagen and promoting the production of new collagen. This Venus Versa treatment reduces the severity of facial wrinkles for a more youthful look. The energy can also boost capillary creation to improve circulation for a healthier glow.

What Happens After a Venus Versa Session?

The healing required after a Venus Versa session is very minimal, and patients can get back to their daily routines right away—or as soon as they feel comfortable. Expect some redness that will fade on its own.

Results will be gradual, as it takes time for collagen to develop and accumulate in the skin, hairs to fall out, visible veins to collapse and be absorbed, and spots and other pigmented lesions to flake away. Specific results, including the cosmetic improvement and healing time, will depend on the treatment chosen and the targeted cosmetic issues.

What Other Rejuvenating Treatments Are Available?

Burnett Plastic Surgery offers a range of injectables and other treatments. For anyone looking to get the benefits of a resurfacing session, chemical peels represent an effective option. A topical solution triggers exfoliation, which removes dead skin cells and reduces the severity of superficial cosmetic concerns like wrinkles, spots, and more.

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