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Tummy Tuck

Get the Taut Tummy You Have Always Wanted with an Abdominoplasty in NJ

Weight loss is good for your health and for reducing fat around the body, but it can also create a flabby look due to newly loose skin—which is obviously frustrating to anyone who wants to see the slimmed-down results of their efforts. When the abdominal area in particular is saggy and hasn't tightened up despite diet, exercise, and other nonsurgical strategies, the solution may be a tummy tuck. NJ-based, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Burnett regularly performs this body surgery for women and men whose abdominal laxity causes them to feel uncomfortable in social situations, choose clothing to hide their midsection, and avoid activities that make them highly aware of their appearance.

Patients who visit Burnett Plastic Surgery in Westfield, New Jersey, for a tummy tuck offer up a variety of reasons for the state of their midsection, but there is a common thread that seems to run through most of their stories: They feel unattractive and embarrassed about their appearance. The combination of liposuction, skin excision, and tissue tightening that make up a tummy tuck (also called an abdominoplasty) can help by putting the "finishing touches" on their physical appearance.

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Tummy Tuck Basics

Tummy tuck surgery is a highly customized and carefully planned procedure that is especially popular among women who want to regain their pre-pregnancy figure and have no plans for future pregnancies. It can also be an excellent course of treatment for people who lost a great deal of weight in a relatively short amount of time and were left with loose, sagging skin.

No matter the reason a patient is choosing the surgery, Dr. Burnett works to deliver natural-looking body contours. The best results are achieved by meticulous preparation that includes a consultation where patients can share their aesthetic goals and expectations. This is also when Dr. Burnett will answer questions about tummy tuck surgery and explain the procedure in detail. He uses an advanced liposuction technique to ensure ideal, harmonious contours, often taking excess fat not just from the belly area, but the armpit, lower back, upper back, and flanks as necessary to maintain proportions and complement a flatter belly.

Variations in Tummy Tuck Surgery for NJ Patients
*Individual results may vary.

Variations in Tummy Tuck Surgery for NJ Patients

A tummy tuck may include any of several elements. Typically, the surgery starts with an incision placed horizontally across the abdomen, situated low enough for any scar to be covered by underwear or a swimsuit. This incision allows Dr. Burnett access for liposuction to remove small pockets of stubborn fat cells before any skin is removed or underlying muscle tissue is tightened.

As for excision, the abdominal skin is laid flat, and the tissue extended past the incision site is removed. Because the skin excised in this step may take the natural belly button with it, Dr. Burnett creates a new navel, which can be the difference between a marginal and good tummy tuck result. He creates a natural-looking concavity and hides the scar so that it looks indistinguishable from a navel that formed during infancy.

Since pregnancy or significant numbers of large fat cells can weaken the abdominal wall—which is an important structure for maintaining a firm, tight belly—internal tissues that have separated must be sutured together again to provide more support.

When all of the tummy tuck steps are complete, Dr. Burnett will suture the incision, using techniques to make the resulting scar as unobtrusive as possible.

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What You Can Expect From Your Tummy Tuck

Despite the possible variations, all tummy tuck surgeries share numerous commonalities. One of the questions many of our New Jersey patients have about their tummy tuck is when they will be bikini-ready.

During the consultation and preparation for surgery, we discuss the week-by-week process that allows for proper planning and post-procedural care.

Before Tummy Tuck Surgery

  • 1 month before your surgery: Focus on healthy eating and exercise that may enable you to lose lingering pounds as desired.
  • 2 weeks before your surgery: Talk with your doctor about implementing supplements, such as zinc and vitamin C, which can aid in healing. This may also be a good time to add more protein into your diet, also for optimal recovery.
  • 1 week before your tummy tuck surgery: This is the ideal time to begin preparing for your home recovery. Make meals that can be quickly served, stock the refrigerator with grab-and-go snacks, and set aside comfortable clothing, pillows, and entertainment for your first days of recovery.
  • 1 day before your surgery: Give your body and mind a day of rest! Confirm transportation with your driver and supervision for your first night home.

After Tummy Tuck Surgery

  • 1 day post-surgery: Results from the tummy tuck procedure will be somewhat visible, even now. Swelling and bruising will also be noticeable.
  • 1 week post-surgery: As you continue to heal, you may find that you need assistance moving around. If drains were placed during the initial procedure, they might be removed at this time.
  • 1 month post-surgery: Swelling may still be present a month following surgery. Side effects including bruising should have subsided a great deal by this time. As you can move more comfortably, you can discuss with your doctor the idea of resuming light exercise.
  • 2 months post-tummy tuck surgery: By your eighth week after surgery, you may find that swelling and bruising, as well as your incision, have diminished to an extent at which you feel comfortable revealing your new physique. You are bikini-ready!

Remember that the surgical tightening of abdominal muscles and skin is an investment toward a satisfactory reward. With good eating habits and a healthy exercise routine, you can enjoy your new contours for years. If you are ready to uncover the flat stomach you once enjoyed, treatment at Burnett Plastic Surgery in Westfield may be just what you need.

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