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Pre- and Post-Care Guidance

Get Advice from Our Skilled Westfield, NJ, Plastic Surgeon

Congratulations: You're having plastic surgery! And we're thrilled that you've chosen Burnett Plastic Surgery to help you achieve your transformation. This is an exciting—and often anxious—time, and we want to make it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible by offering pre- and post-care guidance for patients of our Westfield, NJ, practice. We take care of every detail, from your paperwork and pre-surgery prep to creating your customized Recovery Kit of post-op must-haves (prescriptions, vitamins, support garments, scar gel—you name it)!

Plastic surgery is surgery – and it is serious business for Dr. Carlos Burnett and our entire Westfield, NJ, plastic surgery team. We believe the key to a successful surgery is being prepared for both the operation and the recovery. We hope you'll find the following information helpful—and share these patient resources with your personal support team—as you plan for your procedure.

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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Before: How Do You Know You're Ready?

Your BMI is healthy.

The body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat, and it is one good way to know where you are and where you need to go with your diet. If your BMI is on the higher end, it can indicate that you may be at risk of heart disease, diabetes, or other health issues. We recommend VitaMedica's meal replacement plan to help you get your weight back on track, and a follow-up consult in six weeks.

You don't smoke.

One of the many reasons smoking is bad for your health is that it hinders your recovery after surgery by restricting blood flow (especially critical if you're having a facial procedure, such as a facelift or blepharoplasty.) If you smoke, we recommend you quit at least four to six weeks before your surgery.

You're not pregnant

It goes without saying that getting pregnant means postponing your surgery. If you are sexually active, be sure you use effective birth control. This applies to after procedures like a tummy tuck, too. Having a child after an abdominoplasty can undo all of the good results.

You love your "New Look."

New Look Now gives you a virtual preview of what you could look like after your procedure.

You maintain (or have started) a healthy diet.

Contrary to popular belief, crash dieting before your surgery is ultimately counter-productive. Your body needs protein, iron, nutrients, and—yes—even fat, to recover properly. So eat a balanced diet, skip the cocktails, and don't go crazy cutting calories.

You stick to a simple exercise routine.

This is not the time to start a new workout routine. You want to maintain your level of fitness while avoiding injuries, so don't overdo it. Focus on light cardio (as easy as walking three to four times a week), low-weight strength training, and stretching.

You're taking the recommended time off.

Finding the time to recover is often the biggest stumbling block when it comes to scheduling surgery. But dedicated downtime away from work and daily activities is essential to proper healing. We provide recommended recovery times for our most popular procedures and suggest you set aside more time than you think you'll need.

You've scheduled your pre-surgery meeting with Liz, our patient care coordinator.

Liz meets with each patient three weeks before their procedure to review consent forms, sign paperwork, pick up your VitaMedica vitamins, and get instructions for managing your pre and post-op care. This is the perfect opportunity to get answers to all of your questions—and to make a commitment to follow our pre-op regimen.

You have your support wear ready.

Select garments are often needed for support and comfort during your recovery. You'll be dressed in a surgical bra or compression garments around the clock except while bathing. Your Recovery Kit will include the clothes you'll need post-procedure, so be sure to have them with you the day of your surgery.

You're prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride.

Surgery affects each person differently, but it's common for your emotions to be a bit rocky while you're recovering. You may feel excited but uncomfortable at first, then down in the dumps a few days after your surgery. Just remember that things will get better, and soon you'll be enjoying the "new" you.

If you have read this pre- and post-care guide and are prepared to reveal a confident new you, contact Burnett Plastic Surgery in Westfield, NJ, today to schedule an appointment!

After: Dr. Carlos Burnett's Recovery Plan

The first few days after your surgery are essential to your overall recuperation.

  • This is the time to focus on nothing else but taking care of yourself and helping your body recover. Dr. Burnett recommends following this simple post-surgery plan:
    • Eat a large, colorful salad with 3 to 4 ounces of lean protein plus one to two apples every day.
    • Drink, drink, drink. Keep a pitcher of lemon water (1/2 lemon per pitcher) handy, and be sure to drink at least 64 ounces daily.
    • Take any medications according to your pre-op instructions and continue your VitaMedica vitamins daily.
    • We also sell Bromein and Arnica for anti-bruising for after injectables.
    • You must attend your Lymphatic Drainage Massage appointments as scheduled.
    • Rest, but don't stay in bed. Exercise is important (even if you don't feel like it), so try to walk 15 to 20 minutes three times a day.
    • Get six to eight hours of sleep each night, and use your sleep mask as needed.

We encourage patients to use myTouchMD.com to track their progress and find out more about their procedures. If you have a question or concern at any time about what is and is not "normal", please call our office. Although the surgery process is routine for us, it is new to you. We would rather you call us than lose sleep over the details.

Special Care for Nonsurgical Patients

Many nonsurgical procedures—from chemical peels to injectables—are performed right in our office. We focus on making sure our nonsurgical patients get the one-on-one attention and support they expect and deserve before, during, and after their treatment.

Dr. Burnett will spend time with you discussing the results you want to achieve and recommend the optimal course of treatment. Our patient care team will help prepare you for your procedure and provide detailed pre- and post-care guidance. All procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art treatment rooms using the latest products, techniques, and technology.

Post-Treatment TLC

Nonsurgical patients receive post-treatment instructions designed to help speed recovery with minimal discomfort, complications, and downtime. Depending on the procedure, we make recommendations beforehand about how to minimize the bruising and swelling that can occur. For patients choosing injectables, we offer a post-treatment "Anti-Bruise Remedy" kit for purchase.

Burnett Plastic Surgery At Your Service

We love partnering with local business owners whose services can enhance the overall experience for our patients.

Whether you want the perfect pre-surgery facial or need professional care post-surgery, Burnett Plastic Surgery is "at your service"—and happy to recommend the following resources:

  • Chill Cryotherapy, Westfield, NJ: Cryotherapy is an innovative and safe three-minute treatment that promotes healing and reduces recovery time. We recommend it post-surgery to reduce pain and swelling, and Burnett Plastic Surgery patients receive a 10 percent discount. Learn more at www.chillcryo.net.
  • Skin Savvy Medical Spa, Westfield, NJ: For more than 10 years, Dr. Burnett has partnered with Amalia Riccardi, RN, at Skin Savvy to provide clients with a full range of services, from facials and microdermabrasion to waxing and massage. Dr. Burnett also visits Skin Savvy regularly to provide injectable treatments. Explore your options at www.myskinsavvy.com.
  • Studio Lash Spa, Westfield, NJ: Regina Smith has created the premier luxury destination for eyelash extensions in the Tri-State area. Customized services also include brow design, airbrush makeup application, and makeup formulation. Visit www.rstudiolashspa.com for details.
  • Financing Your Plastic Surgery: Full payment for your procedure must be made three weeks before your surgery date. We accept all major credit cards, and if you prefer to set up a payment plan we work with three reliable resources: CareCredit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, and United Medical Credit. Speak with a member of our patient care team or visit their websites for more information.

P.S.—Looking for an excellent bra fitter or a healthy weight loss plan? We can help with that, too!

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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