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Hear From Patients Who Chose Burnett Plastic Surgery in Westfield, NJ

To Dr. Burnett, Patricia, Laurie, and Liz … Thank you for making this an experience to remember. From the day we entered your doors, you made us comfortable and earned our trust. You sometimes find that with one or two persons, but not the whole team. We can't thank you enough. Enjoy!  —TW

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for taking such good care of me! From your patient  —Olga

Congratulations, Dr. Burnett, for your recognition as a RealSelf top doctor! We are so happy for you!  —MTH

To Dr. Burnett, Patricia, Marge, and Laurie,
Thank you so much for everything! You are wonderful group! Best regards  —D

Dear Dr. Burnett and staff (Patricia, Marge, and Monique), "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others can't keep it to themselves." What can I say? You guys really know how to put together a seminar. I had such a good time, and so did my friends. I still can't believe I won this beautiful gift bag. The pocketbook is wonderful (it's so me!), and your Obagi products are exciting. Thank you so much, you all are the best!  —Fondly, AL

"I'm so grateful. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your kindness, and your generous heart." Dr. Burnett, I don't know where to begin, doctor. You are a person who I admire and look up to. I have thanked you from the bottom of my heart, in the past, for being who you are: an excellent doctor, a true and genuine man, who was an intricate part of the medical professionals who save my life last year this time around.
...I don't know how to thank you. I know I'm one of your many patients, and you are very busy man, but if I can do anything for you (a letter recommendation, being picked up at the airport, help you if you're broken down on the side of the road) you can count on me. God bless you and your family.  —RCJ

"Thank you. Just two small words to express so much gratitude." Dr. Burnett, Patricia, Marge and Lori, thanks so much for your outstanding treatment and care. Words do not adequately express my gratitude and admiration for all of you! Blessings.  —FGR

"Believe. It is by believing in roses that one brings them to bloom." Dear Dr. Burnett, my most sincere thanks and respect for the wonderful procedure you performed on my face. I was so lucky that you were on call in the hospital that day. Thank you for your expertise and manner. Please continue your kindness with all your patience. God bless you for who you are and what you do for others. Sincerely  —BM

"To brighten your day"—To Dr. Burnett and staff, thank you for taking wonderful care of George and me. Love  —J and GW ENJOY!!!

"Thank you for everything. You're the best!"  —ALF

Dear Dr. Burnett, I hope you remember me because I never forgot you. My leg looks so much better, and I have so much more confidence (I lost 10 pounds since this picture). Thank you forever! Here's a picture of the kitty I got after my surgery. His name is "Burnett." We call him Berney for short.  —IR

"With warm thoughts at the new year. May peace fill your world, may love fill your home with contentment and happiness too. In wonderful ways may this year of new days be filled with sweet blessings for you. Happy New Year. Best wishes to all!" Dear Dr. Burnett and Pat, I would like to wish you a very blessed new year! Also I would like to thank you for being such special people. You are both great! You have given me hope, the desire to fight no matter what and not to give up! Just like the three kings brought gifts to baby Jesus, you have given me the gift of health! I pray to God that this last surgery will be the final one for me, but if it is not I am glad to know that I have you to count on. You have become two very important people in my life, and for that I'm grateful! May this New Year be filled with joy health and prosperity! Hugs always  —IRM

Dear Dr. Burnett:
Please accept this note of thanks for all that you, Patricia, Marge, and Laurie did to make my recent surgery experience such a smooth and pleasant one. Naturally, with any type of surgery, there are concerns and apprehensions, but you and your staff did such a wonderful job looking after me answering every question and calming my fears and nervous heart.
Marge accommodated me when I was going back and forth (and back and forth again) about sizing. She consistently demonstrated a level of reassurance and understanding. Laurie was also so pleasant and professional, looking after every appointment and detail with a smile and a "no problem" attitude. Patricia sat with me and counseled me through some very tough emotional discussions to be sure I was prepared (and healthy) for the surgery not only physically, but psychologically as well. And of course you, you Dr. Burnett, the genius of the surgery suite, operating with such precision and perfection, while at the same time demonstrating the most professional and compassionate bedside manner.
Thank you, one and all. I contemplated the surgery for nearly 15 years; now that I am "through" it, it is clear to me why it took me so long to "proceed." Having the best, the "A-Team," behind me was clearly well worth the wait.
With much gratitude
P.S. Oh … one more thing: They're beautiful. Absolutely perfect. I am so pleased.  —DP

From RealSelf

Amazing Experience—One of the Best!

July 12, 2018

I have been contemplating rhinoplasty for years and then heard of liquid rhinoplasty, which gives you similar results without the surgery. I was a lil nervous but decided to go for a consult with Dr. Burnett. Let me just say he is the best! His staff is very caring, and they go out their way to make sure you are comfortable. He walked me thru the procedure and gave me much confidence. He has such a warm energy and really cares about his patients. He wants to do what's best and isn't driven by the money. He didn't try to over promise but definitely delivered results. Thank you so much for making me feel a lil more pretty!

Simply the Best!

May 26, 2018

Dr. Burnett and staff are attentive to your needs. What I love the most about Dr. Burnett is he listens, he really listens to create your very best outcome. Dr. Burnett is honest and he is a PERFECTIONIST. If you want the best results, go to Burnett Plastic Surgery.

An AMAZING Experience

May 24, 2018

I have researched doctors over the last 20 years looking for a plastic surgeon. I stumbled across Dr. Burnett and I must say ... I stumbled across the BEST! During my consultation I immediately knew that Dr. Burnett would be the one to perform my surgery! Dr. Burnett is by far the best at his profession! He is a certified PLASTIC SURGEON. He takes his profession very serious. I received the best care by him and his team. I am super super pleased with my results! I had laser lips along with a BBL. I am in my early 50s, and my results are age appropriate! Thank you so much Dr. Burnett ... I feel so much more confident!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Feb. 20, 2018

I was so tired of liking how I looked coming, but hated how I looked going. My clothes never fit right, and I longed to have some projection/ lift to fill out my pants, dresses, skirts, and bathing suits. I basically suffered from a lifetime of NoAssAtAll. I'd work out religiously for years but never quite developed the derrière of my dreams. After much extensive research, and being told by two other doctors that I was too thin, I found Dr. Burnett. (Note*** One of the doctors who refused me gets great reviews here on RS, but he barely gave me five minutes of his time after I waited 90 minutes for a consult. He told me to save my money and that I wouldn't be happy with my results. All he did was look at my abdomen—never even had me take off my gown or look at my back. His waiting room felt like nothing for than a production line????) I followed Dr. Burnett's IG and Snap accounts after a friend told me to check out his work on thinner patients. I booked the consult and was greeted by his very mature, professional, and welcoming office staff. Dr. Burnett spent at least an hour with me (much more than was booked) and offered me a simulated picture of what my results could possibly look like. He explained the areas he could pull fat from, and we spoke about my expectations. I didn't want to look like a Kardashian, Jessica Rabbit, or some cartoon caricature. I wanted a realistic, natural look ... like someone who developed a yoga butt. He told me what I was looking for was possible. I booked my surgery for early February. My "wish pictures" that we went over were basically all his work posted to his IG account.
It is currently almost three weeks after, and so far I really like my results. However, the recovery hasn't been easy! You don't really realize how much you sit until you can't sit anymore. I was very swollen in the beginning (which I was told would be the case) and my body was so tender to the touch. The swelling took about a week to go down, and I started with 10 consecutive days of massage three days after my surgery. I'm not going to lie ... they hurt like hell ... but they are SO NECESSARY! I used Shaira, who was one of two therapists recommended by the doctor. She is so just amazing! I'm also a back sleeper so sleeping soundly has been a challenge. Additionally you MUST wear your compression garment and follow the doctor's instructions about medications and vitamin recovery system. I am at a size that I really like and hope that my body doesn't absorb any more of the transferred fat from the buttock area. I wanted to do a progressive story, but the days just got away from me. I will update here, though, as the weeks/ months go by. As of right now, Dr. Burnett is 5 star!

25 Years Old —Westfield, NJ

Feb. 8, 2018

My lip journey started when I was 21 years old, four to five years ago. When I was very young I had fell and busted my lip open and have a tiny, but visible scar almost in the middle of my lip. It was always an eyesore for me looking at my face in pictures or in the mirror. So my first time getting lip fillers, I was young and didn't do as much research as I should have and made a mistake by getting fillers in which never were going to go away: silicone. My body a year after winded up having several reactions, resulting in swelling months apart. So then for years I was so nervous to do anything else. I said I would never touch my lips again. So maybe about seven months ago I was so sick of seeing my lip the way it was with not only the slight deformation from the silicone but also making my scar almost even more visible. So I decided to get a couple different opinions from different doctors of what they thought was the best decision for me. After seeing two other doctors, I found myself in Dr. Burnett's office and MORE than pleased.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Westfield, NJ

Sept. 1, 2015

I have wanted rhinoplasty for a couple of years now, ever since I was 14. I am 21 now and finally made a choice on a surgeon after a year of searching, consults, and reading reviews. I am scheduled for surgery on Sept. 9 with Dr. Carlos Burnett and hopeful that he can give me the results I want. I have had numerous consults with doctors in BH, New York, and Chicago, but I am most confident with Dr. Burnett and his staff

Nervous, Nervous, Nervous Prior to the Procedure ...

Jan. 28, 2015

Nervous, nervous, nervous prior to the procedure because of my fear of needles and the IV. Initially the pain was intense and I questioned "why did I do this?" Three weeks later, no more pain with a new and improved look! I do not regret doing the procedure as the experience (Dr. Burnett's staff, hospital staff, etc.) were all very pleasant! I was in GREAT hands!

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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