Male Liposculpture

Confidence-Boosting Body Sculpting for Men in NJ

Confidence is a positive and powerful force. It radiates from within and puts peers and family members at ease. When we are confident and happy with our self-image, we are able to accomplish more and perform at the top of our game. Looking and feeling our very best feeds confidence and leads to an ability to conquer goals, which is why Dr. Carlos Burnett offers liposculpture at NJ's Burnett Plastic Surgery.

Men, just as much as women, want to feel that they are living to their fullest potential professionally, physically, and mentally. This emphasis on making the most of our lives and fitness is generating increased awareness in body contouring procedures for men. Nationally, men have increasingly chosen liposculpture in recent years—including in Westfield, NJ, male patients who want to improve upon their physical appearance have access to one of the premier providers of body sculpting with liposculpture in the Tri-State region at Burnett Plastic Surgery.

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What Can Liposculpture Do?

The most popular areas for male liposculpture include the neck, abdomen, and love handles. Dr. Burnett removes unwanted fat cells from these areas using the most advanced and effective technologies for the highest quality outcomes. With SmartLipo Laser Body SculptingSM and Dr. Burnett's expertise, men can have their abs and midsections honed with minimal downtime and discomfort, and optimal results.*

SmartLipo, the plastic surgery industry's leading laser technology for liposuction, melts fat deposits and reduces the side effects that are common with traditional liposuction. Liposculpture patients are able to return to their normal lifestyles within days. Laser-assisted SmartLipo safely and effectively improves the contour of problem areas from the neck to thighs.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving Westfield, New Jersey.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for LipoSculpture?

For the most part, women have dominated the aesthetic marketplace while men, on the other hand, were assumed to simply age gracefully. Today, the rules by which men and women live are consistently being challenged. In the area of cosmetic surgery, men are finding that they have several options for treatments that will enable them to feel more confident, more attractive, and more capable of maintaining their competitive edge.

Any man consciously concerned about his outward appearance and willing to take matters into his own hands may be a good candidate for liposculpture in New Jersey. He should also be in good general health and at or near his ideal weight, since liposculpture is not a weight loss strategy.

Smartlipo, an in-office procedure, is a treatment of choice for men who want to remove unwanted fat from minimally responsive areas on the body, such as the neck and chin and the love handles. The innovative liposculpture procedure is suitable for many areas, also making it an excellent choice for the man dealing with male breasts, technically known as gynecomastia.

More Procedures for Men

In addition to liposculpture, popular procedures that Dr. Burnett performs for men include abdominoplasty for a flatter belly and blepharoplasty to lift drooping eyelids. He also provides the nonsurgical BOTOX®, which is an injectable to relax wrinkle-causing muscles in the forehead, next to the eyes, and elsewhere.

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