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Male Liposculpture

Confidence-Boosting Body Sculpting for Men in NJ

Confidence is a positive and powerful force. It radiates from within and puts peers, co-workers, and family members at ease. When we are confident and happy with our self-image, we are able to accomplish more and perform at the top of our game. Looking and feeling our very best feeds confidence and leads to an ability to conquer goals, which is why Dr. Carlos Burnett offers liposculpture at NJ's Burnett Plastic Surgery.

Men, just as much as women, want to feel that they are living to their fullest potential professionally, physically, and mentally. This emphasis on making the most of our lives and fitness is generating increased awareness in body contouring procedures for men. Nationally, men have increasingly chosen liposculpture in recent years—including in Westfield, NJ, where male patients who want to improve upon their physical appearance have access to one of the premier providers of body sculpting with liposculpture in the Tri-State region at Burnett Plastic Surgery.

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What Can Liposculpture Do?

The most popular areas for male liposculpture include the neck, abdomen, chest, and flanks, where love handles develop. Dr. Burnett removes unwanted fat cells from these areas using the most advanced and effective technologies for the highest quality outcomes. With the technology available at Burnett Plastic Surgery and Dr. Burnett's experience, skill, and eye for sculpted contours, men can have their abs and midsections honed with minimal downtime and discomfort—and optimal results.*

What is Liposculpture?

You may be familiar with liposuction as a surgical procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body—typically where isolated pockets of dietresistant fat cells create bulges and bulk. Liposculpture makes use of this technique, but with the understanding that Dr. Burnett is not merely removing fat to make larger areas smaller.

Instead, he uses the liposuction tools and techniques to quite literally sculpt a look that appears natural and proportional. This can mean tapering the "margins" of a treated area so that the newly reduced feature blends seamlessly with its surroundings, or ensuring that fat removed from the flanks on either side of the abdomen results in a symmetrical shape. The overall goal is to ensure that you still look like you, but a version that has been "perfected" a bit to have better definition and appear leaner and more toned.


Liposculpsure patients at Burnett Plastic Surgery get the benefit of VASER technology, which uses ultrasound to break up fat cells before their removal. This is a much less traumatic approach than traditional liposuction, which uses a wand to physically free the fat.

Freeing fat cells is necessary because fat does not float around in the belly, under the chin, or elsewhere. In actuality, fat cells remain fixed in place, where they shrink or grow depending on numerous factors, including how many calories are consumed and "spent." If you bring in more calories than you use, the fat cells store the excess and grow larger. If you burn more calories than you eat, the fat cells release their contents for fuel and become smaller. Breaking the cells apart is the only way to truly remove them from the body contouring equation.

The liposculpture experience itself is a multi-step process that involves Dr. Burnett making incisions in the target area, inserting a specialized tube known as a cannula, and then suctioning the VASER-liquified fat out through the tube.

After the fat cells are removed, Dr. Burnett closes most or all of the incisions. Liposculpture patients will notice a reduction in the treated area or areas right away. That said, expect some initial post-surgery swelling that will keep the results from looking "final" until it resolves. There will also be some other side effects, including bruising and soreness. These will fade over time, with the newly sculpted contours taking on their "final form" in the following weeks.


The fact that fat cells change size and do not "go away"—even with diet, exercise, and other successful lifestyle changes—is why liposculpture is ideal for anyone who wants to truly shape their physique. Choosing an area to target for fat reduction via meal planning and specialized workouts simply isn’t possible, because we can’t control which fat cells shrink this way. Sit-ups, for example, are great for building abs by building and defining certain muscles, but the activity doesn’t specifically burn belly fat.

Another thing to remember is that fat cells that have shrunk may very well grow again if your diet or activity levels change. Remember that fat cells don’t simply "go away." Eating a less-healthy diet or trending toward a more sedentary lifestyle can tip the caloric intake/burning scales toward fat cells storing instead of spending their contents. If this happens, expect your bulges and bulk to start growing again.

Remember that liposculpture physically removes fat cells from the body. The surgery does not shrink or rearrange them. It literally takes them out of the area, so they do not even have the opportunity to grow again in the future.


As with many things in life, a healthy diet and regular exercise are the answer! While liposculpture removes some fat cells from the treatment area, there will still be fat cells left behind—and these can grow larger if given the chance. A lifestyle that leads to weight gain can "undo" the results of liposculpture, as well as cause other areas of the body to change in appearance if fat cells there grow due to an increase in calories and decrease in physical activity.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for LipoSculpture?

For the most part, women have dominated the aesthetic marketplace for decades. Men, on the other hand, were assumed to simply age gracefully. Today, the rules by which men and women live are consistently being challenged. In the area of cosmetic surgery, men are finding that they have several options for treatments that will enable them to feel more confident, more attractive, and more capable of maintaining their competitive edge.

Any man consciously concerned about his outward appearance and willing to take matters into his own hands may be a good candidate for liposculpture in New Jersey. He should also be in good general health and at or near his ideal weight, since liposculpture is not a weight loss strategy.

Liposculpture is suitable for many areas, including larger regions like the belly and love handles or more focused pockets of fat, like a double chin. It is also an excellent choice for the man dealing with male breasts, technically known as gynecomastia. Note that there are several reasons a man may develop the look of breasts on his chest, so a thorough consultation will happen before Dr. Burnett recommends liposculpture to remove fat—or any other strategic option.


In addition to liposculpture, popular procedures that Dr. Burnett performs for men include abdominoplasty for a flatter belly and blepharoplasty to lift drooping eyelids. He also provides the nonsurgical BOTOX® , which is an injectable to relax wrinkle-causing muscles in the forehead, next to the eyes, and elsewhere.

Many men today are less concerned about what it takes to get the look they want and more interested in achieving their ideal contours through a combination of lifestyle choices, cosmetic treatments, and plastic surgery. Talk to Dr. Burnett and his team about what’s possible with liposculpture, other body contouring procedures, and the range of strategies available at Burnett Plastic Surgery.

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