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Natural-Looking Nose Surgery in Westfield, NJ

A rhinoplasty in NJ at Burnett Plastic Surgery represents a relatively straightforward solution if you are concerned that the shape and size of your nose are not in balance with the rest of your face. Since a lack of proportion can cause you to be uncomfortable with your overall facial appearance, reshaping or resizing your nose can improve the way your face looks.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

Rhinoplasty is a very customizable procedure, since it may involve adjusting the width, length, or angles of various features made up of skin, cartilage, and bone. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Carlos Burnett's goal is not merely to make a nose smaller, but to create a nose that fits with the rest of the face without "standing out" or drawing particular attention to itself.

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What Can Rhinoplasty Do?

Given the range of aesthetic concerns that vary from patient to patient, as well as rhinoplasty's versatility, there is a lot that the surgery can accomplish. Most commonly, nose surgery is performed to address an upturned, bulbous, large, or drooping nasal tip; upturned, wide, or large nostrils; depressions or visible humps on the bridge; too much width at the base; an overall too-large appearance; nasal deviation; and asymmetry.

Many patients have a specific cosmetic concern they would like addressed with rhinoplasty—such as an overly wide nose—but are reluctant to lose what are often seen as common ethnic characteristics that help to shape their self-image and identity.

Dr. Burnett specializes in rhinoplasty, and he and the rest of our surgical team have performed hundreds of procedures, combining cutting-edge technology with an artistic eye for beauty. We are able to customize these procedures to your unique face and surgical goals, preserving distinct ethnic and genetic characteristics while creating a more balanced overall appearance. We work tirelessly to help you attain your intended results and increase your confidence with a natural-looking improvement.

If you are not pleased with the shape or size of your nose and feel that it does not harmonize with the rest of your facial appearances, we can discuss rhinoplasty with you in depth. Your desired procedure may involve increasing or decreasing the size of the tip of your nose, reshaping the tip, or removing or adding volume.

It is important to remember that our goal is not to achieve "perfection," but to create a balance between your nose and other features. Helping patients feel more confident and beautiful through rhinoplasty is one of the things Dr. Burnett does best.

Meet Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Carlos Burnett

Founder and Leader of Burnett Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Dr. Carlos Burnett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving Westfield, New Jersey.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett

How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

A rhinoplasty procedure requires that a patient undergo local or general anesthesia, depending on preference and a professional medical analysis.

There are generally two approaches to nose surgery: closed and open. Dr. Burnett uses only the open technique, which gives him full visual access to the nose's internal structures and allows for precision and accuracy.

Extensive planning and preparation precedes every surgery, and Dr. Burnett will take various aspects into consideration, including your face shape, cheeks, jaw line, and condition of your skin.

When it comes time for the rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Burnett will make incisions inside your nostrils or on the skin that separates your nostrils, known as the columella. He will then separate the soft tissue and reshape the bone and cartilage to achieve the intended result.

As noted above, the incisions are placed internally or in a difficult-to-see area to begin with, but Dr. Burnett will still work to close the nose in such a way as to minimize scarring. There will be swelling and bruising in the days following the surgery, but this will gradually resolve on its own and reveal the new shape and look of the nose.

See what sets an open rhinoplasty apart at Westfield, NJ's Burnett Plastic Surgery.
An open rhinoplasty from Westfield, NJ's Dr. Carlos Burnett allows him to "peel back" tissue for ample access to shape the internal structures necessary for creating a proportioned nose. A key feature of this technique is an irregular incision positioned on the columella. This minimizes visibility of any line once the external sutures are gone and the incision heals.

You will receive instructions on how best to care for your nose in the days, weeks, and months after rhinoplasty. Note that due to the healing process, it can take up to a year for the tissues to fully settle.

What Complements a Rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery is not the only procedure available for altering facial proportions. Chin augmentation is an option for people who want to bring more definition and projection to the lowest part of the face.

Eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty can tighten lax skin and remove the small pockets of fat that contribute to a constant look of exhaustion.

For nonsurgical solutions, Burnett Plastic Surgery offers dermal fillers to address collagen loss and more on the face (including lip injections to add volume there), BOTOX® to relax muscles that cause lines and wrinkles, and Kybella® to reduce double-chin fat with a series of injections.

Any treatment or procedure that alters the shape or contours of the face can impact how the nose looks. Dr. Burnett and the Burnett Plastic Surgery team take all of this into account, starting with each consultation, whether for a rhinoplasty or something else.

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