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Lip Injections

Enjoy Safe and Effective Results with Lip Fillers in Westfield, NJ

At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we believe every patient is special. We understand every man and woman has unique and individual needs. Whether it is wrinkle reduction or plumping the pout, our team offers a variety of noninvasive procedures. The lip injections at our NJ-based practice are ideal for enhancing beauty as well as renewing confidence.

Just as we use our eyes, we use our mouths to communicate non-verbally. For ages, fuller lips have been viewed as a sign of youthfulness and femininity. As we age, the structures around the mouth change, creating a new composition in the lips themselves. Collagen loss leads to thinning over time—and some people simply have naturally thin lips due to their genetics. Dr. Burnett offers precision care with lip injections that reduce the signs of aging that occur around the mouth and help people who want a fuller smile despite the hand heredity has dealt them. Using the most suitable lip fillers, he works to ensure patients accomplish their unique goals by customizing each treatment plan at his practice.

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Lip Injections Basics

The first step toward achieving more voluptuous lips is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burnett. After examining your face, reviewing your medical history, and discussing your goals, he will determine if you are a candidate for lip injections.

The treatment involves injecting one or several lip fillers. Dr Burnett or Mukta Rane will select the best dermal filler for each patient with Juvederm® as one of the practice's most popular fillers. There is no downtime after a treatment, allowing you the opportunity to resume normal activities or return to work after a lip injection session.

Patients typically enjoy many benefits from lip injections at Burnett Plastic Surgery, including lips that have more volume and definition. Treatments can also reduce vertical lines at the edge of the lips and lift the corners of the mouth to deliver a more youthful appearance. Dr. Burnett applies his considerable experience with lip fillers and other injectables to deliver results that are natural-looking and blend nicely with each patient's natural features.*

Commonly enjoyed benefits of lip injections include added definition to the lips (reducing lipstick bleed lines), replaced lost volume, reduced vertical lines at the edges of lips, naturally beautiful contours from volume added to the right places, a restored youthful aesthetic due to lifting the corners of the mouth, and the creation of a "Cupid's bow" on the top lip, complementing the entire face.

These treatments are generally well tolerated by patients, and we offer two options for managing discomfort during the injection process: numbing cream and Pro-Nox. The cream is applied topically to reduce sensation in the area, and Pro-Nox is a device that allows patients to breathe in a 50/50 mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide when they feel that they need it.

Meet Our Nurse Injector
Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

Educated at The College of New Jersey, with a BA of Science and a Major in Nursing, Mukta Rane brings her passion for beauty, perfectionism and precision to Burnett Plastic Surgery. Both Dr. Carlos Burnett and Mukta Rane provide top-quality injectables to their patients.

Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

More Than Lip Injections

In addition to lip fillers, we offer several dermal fillers that help turn back the hands of time. Our fillers can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore a youthful appearance, and add volume to areas such as the cheeks. Dermal filler treatments do not require any downtime.

Another popular injectable is BOTOX®, which does not add volume, but addresses forehead lines and other wrinkles by preventing muscle action required to make certain expressions.

Given the range of noninvasive options available, Dr. Burnett will work with each patient to develop a customized treatment plan.* The team at Burnett Plastic Surgery is committed to delivering each patient's desired results as best as possible. Whether you want to plump your pout with lip injections or bid farewell to wrinkles, we can customize a treatment plan for you.

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