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Latisse® Eyelash Enhancements

An Eye-Catching Solution to Thin, Light Eyelashes in Westfield, NJ

Many women who want to accentuate their eyes use mascara, lash curlers, false eyelashes, and even eyelash extensions to make an impact. These methods may work for some, but for others, they are simply not enough to make lashes thicker, longer, and more lustrous. There are also times when mascara may simply be inconvenient to carry or apply, such as visits to the beach and pool during the summer months. Latisse® from the Westfield, NJ, based Burnett Plastic Surgery may be a great alternative to mascara.

It's no secret that the eyes have it! We do a lot of communicating with our eyes, so we should like the way they look. If you want to enhance lashes that are sparse, short, or just barely noticeable, our team has a solution that could work for you.*

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Latisse® Basics

Latisse® is a noninvasive cosmetic medication—bimatoprost—that was originally developed as a treatment for glaucoma. The discovery that the bimatoprost encouraged lash growth was purely accidental, as doctors began to realize that a common side effect of the treatment was longer, fuller lashes.

Research has yet to pinpoint the exact response that leads to lash growth, but we do know that lashes' active growth phase is strengthened by the solution. With daily use, growth is faster, and the percentage of hairs in eyelashes increases along with the thickness of individual hairs.*

Latisse® Eyelash Enhancements

Topical application on a daily basis promotes healthy eyelash growth, with dramatic effects typically noticed after about four weeks. The full effects are visible after about 16 weeks.*

Latisse® is the only prescription medication approved by the FDA for eyelash growth. Available only from physicians, this topical solution can be the answer you have been waiting for. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we offer Latisse® as a sole treatment, or as a part of many of our eye-enhancing beauty packages.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett

Founder and Leader of Burnett Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Dr. Carlos Burnett is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving Westfield, New Jersey.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett

Tips for Getting the Best Results with Latisse®

Like most things, Latisse® requires a commitment to proper use in order for results to occur as intended.

  • Create a routine that includes Latisse®. Keeping the product with others that you use on a daily basis will make it easier to comply with usage instructions.
  • If an application is missed, do not double up.
  • Realistic expectations are important to any cosmetic improvement. Latisse® enhances the body's natural hair growth cycle. Results appear gradually over several weeks of daily use. The full effect of treatment is typically not seen for 12 to 16 weeks, so patience is key.
  • Clean makeup from your eyelids before applying Latisse®. Soap and oil residue should also be gently removed prior to application.
  • Latisse® should be applied only with an approved applicator, which is available in the kit. The applicator and bottle should be handled with care to prevent contamination. This means that the applicator tip and bottle tip should not be touched with fingers and should not come into contact with other surfaces, which may harbor bacteria.

You deserve to look your best, and Latisse® can help you do that by enhancing your natural lashes.* False eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and other eyelash enhancing practices can become a thing of the past when switched for Latisse®. Dr. Burnett visits with patients from Westfield, Summit, Scotch Plains, Cranford, and around New Jersey in our comfortable, welcoming office. Contact us for your lash-enhancing visit today.

Latisse® Eyelash Enhancements
*Patient results may vary. Image courtesy of Allergan.

More Eye-Related Options

For patients who do not just desire longer lashes, but who want a more awake and alert look, Dr. Burnett performs blepharoplasty to address age-related sagging in the eyelids. This surgery can help patients to appear younger and more attentive.

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Contact Westfield's Burnett Plastic Surgery today to discuss Latisse® in NJ. Call (908) 233-0200 or send a message online.