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Breast Reduction

Relieve Pain and Strain in Westfield, NJ

Why might a woman choose breast reduction from NJ plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Burnett? Overly large breasts can be an actual pain, creating chronic discomfort in the shoulders, neck, back, and head; skin irritation in the creases below the breasts; skin irritation and indentations from tight bra straps; and even pinched nerves that lead to numbness or tingling in the arms and hands. Big breasts can also contribute to poor posture due to forward gravitational pull, cause clothes to a fit poorly, get in the way of certain exercises and other activity, or simply draw unwanted attention.

No matter the reason, our New Jersey-based plastic surgery team can help. Dr. Burnett performs breast reduction procedures for women in Westfield and across New Jersey. Our patients are treated with the utmost in compassionate care, allowing us to achieve their desired outcome.* Whether you are looking to get a more proportionate frame, want to put a stop to chronic pain associated with large breasts, or want a different quality of attention, we have the skill and experience necessary to give you natural, more manageable breasts.*

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