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Liposuction: Preoperative Nursing Care At Burnett Plastic Surgery

Liposuction, also known as Lipoplasty, or simply Lipo, is the process of removing fat and fluid from under the skin using a suction assist device in the operating room or doctor’s office. Most patients are concerned about small pockets of excess fat around their tummy, back and thighs. The ideal patient is at or near …

Liposuction: Post-Operative Nursing Care At Burnett Plastic Surgery

Liposuction, as I described in my last blog is the removal of mostly fat and fluids from the body using a suction cannula (long flexible straw like tube). In the immediate post operative period, Dr. Burnett’s main concerns are the potential development of Deep Vein Thromboses (DVTS), Seromas at the sites of the liposuction cannulas …

Artistic Video – The Aging Face

This video actually makes it entertaining to watch a woman’s face age. Brought to you by Ultherapy, now available at Burnett Plastic Surgery! Ultherapy lifts the face naturally, without surgery or injectables. How the Skin Ages || Presented by Ultherapy from Ultherapy on Vimeo.