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How Can You Get Natural-Looking Results from Lip Fillers?

The last thing most patients want when they’re having lip enhancement procedures is an overdone, puffy, or “duck-like” appearance that’s caused by overfilling and makes it obvious that they have had something “done” to their face. Can lip fillers be subtle? Our New Jersey-based team at Burnett Plastic Surgery believes they can be.

A person’s lips can get thinner as time goes by because they are affected by the gradual loss of collagen, just like rest of the face. If you’ve always had thin lips from the start, you can blame your genetics and DNA! Either way, dermal fillers can give you smoother and plumper lips—while also minimizing lines that develop around the mouth. Results are visible right away, and no recovery time is needed.

When fillers are done right, they will ideally be barely detectable so that all other people will notice is that you look amazing. Want to avoid the dreaded “pillow face” look? You can get the most natural-looking outcome from lip fillers if the right techniques are used—and, most importantly, you choose an injector with experience, a great eye for detail, and the ability to hep you choose the ideal treatment for you.

Prepare in Advance

Although lip fillers don’t require much preparation, if you want them to look as natural as possible, you should decide how big you would realistically want them to be. Then, make sure your injector knows what you want. For around one week before your appointment, you’ll also want to avoid blood thinners and other supplements that could make post-injection bruising worse.

Less Is More 

Many people don’t want to go from extremely thin lips to super plump ones right away, as this can make it obvious that they’ve had fillers. It will always be easier to get too little filler than too much, so consider seeking a modest improvement as opposed to a dramatic one—especially if it’s your first time.

Get the Right Ratio 

The ratio needs to be correct for your lips to look as normal as possible. Having a 1:1.618 ratio between the corners of the upper lip and lower lip is believed to be the “perfect” shape. Filler should also be placed in the right areas instead of evenly all over. This is obviously the job of the injector, but you can also ask to be sure that this is the approach they will take.

“Can lip fillers be subtle?” Our patients often ask us this when they’re thinking about trying facial fillers for the first time. Get in touch with our Burnett Plastic Surgery team for more information about how injectables for the lips work. Call us at 908.233.0200 or fill out a contact form to request an appointment. 

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