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What Are the Best Ingredients to Rejuvenate Winter Skin?

In the winter, our skin often gets drier than normal, as well as irritated and cracked as it’s damaged by the very low temperatures and lack of humidity combined with the effects of indoor heating. For most people, this is the harshest season for our skin. The reason why there’s a lack of moisture is because when the air is colder, it has a reduced ability to retain moisture. The dryness can also make any lines or wrinkles on your skin seem more prominent. Our team at Burnett Plastic Surgery can provide skin care advice for NJ-based patients who are experiencing severely dry or irritated skin due to the season.

You can soothe your skin and counteract the moisture loss by adding the following products to your daily routine—but remember that the best selection of products for you depends on your skin type.

Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic acid is one of those skincare staples we can’t do without. It’s an ingredient in many types of skincare products. Since it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, it’s one of the top ingredients for keeping skin moisturized. Also, because your skin produces its own hyaluronic acid, this ingredient is unlikely to cause irritation or an allergic reaction. 


Ceramides help your skin to seal in moisture by creating a barrier to reduce water loss. Additionally, they shield your skin against environmental damage. The long fatty acid chains connect with other important molecules to support healthy cell function. Just like hyaluronic acid, ceramides also occur naturally in your skin. Additionally, when your skin has lower levels of ceramides or hyaluronic acid, it’s usually drier and more prone to damage. Our skin naturally creates less of these substances as we age, so it’s important to supplement them. Topical products containing ceramides are ideal for dry, aging skin. 


Often when your skin is too dry and irritated, it can’t repair itself quickly enough to counteract damage. Antioxidants can be helpful because they reduce damage from toxins and support the production of healthy skin cells. 

We all want healthy, glowing skin, but environmental damage can be tough on the complexion. For more advice on skin care, contact us at Burnett Plastic Surgery. Call (908) 233-0200 or submit a contact form to request a consultation if you would like to find out more. 

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