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What Do Breast Implants Actually Feel Like?

It goes without saying that there are many aspects to consider when someone is getting a breast enhancement, including everything from the size of the implants to their shape, placement, and projection. One of the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation we hear at Burnett Plastic Surgery is, “What will having breast implants feel like?” It’s natural to be curious, since once you have them put in, they’ll be a part of your body for a very long time. Nevertheless, patients often worry about their breast implants looking and feeling unnatural or obvious, even if they think they look amazing otherwise. Others don’t feel the need to hide the fact that they’ve had plastic surgery. Either way, here are some things about size and feel to remember when you’re getting breast implants at our NJ practice. 

• Don’t be alarmed if you can feel the slight outline of your implants through your skin. It’s common for patients to be able to feel their implants, especially at the base, especially if the muscle isn’t covering them at the bottom. They won’t completely blend in with the rest of the tissues. However, when the implants are placed properly, it will be difficult to feel anything. 

• Breast implants may look more obvious on people who are naturally very thin with very little padding on the chest. 

• Many people consider any type of implants to feel slightly harder than actual breast tissue. 

• Certain implant sizes, placements, and types can seem more natural than others. For instance, if your natural breasts are small and you only go up one or two cup sizes, the implants will blend in better than on someone who chooses a significantly larger size. Rounded implants can look more obvious compared to the pear-shaped implants. Gummy bear implants are the softest and most compressible type, so they typically are said to feel more like actual breast tissue. Under-the-muscle placements usually look more natural. 

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