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What Are the Benefits of a Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Plastic Surgery?

Even if you’ve taken all the necessary steps to prepare yourself for your cosmetic procedure—such as choosing an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon—you play an important role in ensuring a smooth recovery as well. We all can’t wait to feel more like ourselves and get back to our normal activities after plastic surgery. Nevertheless, it’s important to follow guidelines to ensure that we get the best cosmetic results possible while avoiding complications that could require further surgery or alter the ideal outcome. Aside from getting enough rest, avoiding strenuous exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet, there’s another thing that can help patients to heal at a faster rate: a manual lymphatic drainage massage. Dr. Carlos Burnett, a board-certified plastic surgeon at NJ’s Burnett Plastic Surgery, explains that lymphatic drainage massages have numerous benefits for patients who are having liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, and several other body contouring procedures. 

The body’s lymphatic system, which is a part of the immune system, is made up of a network of several channels that run throughout the body and are responsible for regulating fluid levels in the tissues. The system helps to prevent disease and infection and at the same time disposes of cellular waste. Here are some ways that a lymphatic drainage massage could help you recover more quickly:

• The lymphatic channels are disrupted during plastic surgery, so a lymphatic drainage massage helps to reduce blockages by helping extra fluid to be absorbed more quickly. 

• Massage supports the immune system to reduce the risk of infection due to lymphatic congestion.

• Massage also decreases inflammation, bruising, and prolonged swelling that can slow down recovery by improving circulation and the flow of fluid.

• Once swelling and water retention subside, patients will be able to see their enhanced body shape more clearly. 

• Skin texture, tone, and hydration are enhanced 

• By reducing swelling and optimizing the healing process, a lymphatic drainage massage helps to minimize scar tissue. 

What you do during recovery can have a major impact on your surgical results. Talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon at NJ-based Burnett Plastic Surgery for more advice on what can be done to help patients heal at a faster rate after a surgical procedure. Call us at (908) 233-0200 or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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