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5 Tricks for Naturally Enhancing Cleavage

The volume, shape, and projection of the higher part of the breasts—above the nipple, known as upper pole fullness—is something that can be improved through breast enlargement. NJ-area augmentation patients may notice that having more volume in this area not only improves roundness and makes the breasts seem perkier, but also provides better cleavage. People who have larger implants or tighter skin usually end up having more prominent upper pole fullness. Regardless of whether or not you’ve had breast implants, however, you can use the following techniques to boost your cleavage:

1. Choose the Right Bra

If you want to emphasize great cleavage, selecting the right type of bra is important. It’s an easy, relatively inexpensive way to push the breasts together and up. Shop for push-up bras, front-close bras that bring the breasts together and lift them, underwire bras with full-coverage for heavier breasts to provide support and lift, and balconette bras.

2. Protect Them from Sun Exposure

The skin on the chest area is particularly fragile and prone to damage from ultraviolet radiation, so make a habit of wearing sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and lower the risk of skin cancer.

3. Use Makeup

Another inexpensive method for highlighting cleavage is to brush bronzer that’s several shades darker than your natural skin tone onto the décolletage area to create shadows. This also makes the breasts look several cup sizes larger. Outline the tops of the cups, the inner parts of your cleavage, and your collarbones.

4. Exercise More

To maintain shapely breasts and avoid sagging, routinely include exercises that target the pectoral muscles in your workouts. Think pushups, plankups, and chest presses.

5. Wear the Right Types of Clothes

Your clothing choices are also important if you want to create the illusion of volume on the upper portion of the breasts. For those of us who have naturally full breasts, a V-neck t-shirt, plunging neckline, or sweetheart neckline along with a well-fitting bra will work well.

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