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Nose Reshaping: How to Find the Right Balance

As one of your face’s key features—located at the front and center, no less—your nose plays an important role in facial harmony. Some people don’t pay much attention to this part of their appearance, but plenty of people are self-conscious about some aspect of it, whether it’s a bump on the bridge, the way it projects, its overall size, the fact that it’s noticeably asymmetrical, the way the nose tip points slightly up or down, or how the nostrils are overly narrow or wide. If you do decide to change your appearance with a rhinoplasty, our New Jersey-based team at Burnett Plastic Surgery takes steps to ensure that you end up with a nose shape that is not created in isolation, but contributes to a balanced and well-proportioned face.

The approach taken for a nose job varies depending on the ethnicity of the patient, their gender, and the type and texture of their skin. It’s important to discuss your goals with Dr. Carlos Burnett and be sure that he’s aware of what specifically you would like to change about your nose.

The goal for a rhinoplasty is to meet a patient’s goals while at the same time highlighting their natural beauty, creating results that look as symmetrical, subtle, and natural as possible while bringing the nose into proportion with the rest of the face. You want a look that fits your face rather than simply appears as a “copy” of someone else’s nose.

To do this, Dr. Burnett uses guiding principals and aims to create the right ratios between the facial thirds. Although certain ratios and measurements are taken into account when he assesses your facial features, this procedure is more of an art than a science. A nose that is “mathematically perfect” may look great on one person, but not work for someone else. It all depends on how your facial features relate to or interact with each other. Rather than simply trying to conform to the “Golden Ratio,” Dr. Burnett uses a personalized plan for each patient, since the look of a nose is impacted by its relationship to the eyes, cheekbones, mouth, chin, and other features. Every angle, line, and proportion must be considered from multiple perspectives.

Of course, while altering your nose’s appearance, Dr. Burnett must also preserve—or even improve—its functionality.

The best of way of knowing whether a rhinoplasty will give you the look you’ve always wanted is by consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon. When you’re ready to commit to surgery, our team at Burnett Plastic Surgery will guide you along each step of the way. Give us a call at 908.233.0200 to get more information or set up your appointment.

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