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Bring a Natural-Looking Pucker Back to Your Lips with Filler Injections

When our skin gets older and makes less of the collagen that keeps it strong, we tend to develop a few extra lines and wrinkles, as well as see thinning in once-full areas. One of the features that’s affected most by aging is the lips. Although we can strive to maintain a defined Cupid’s bow and perfect, pouty appearance, our lips will eventually start to get a little smaller, and the corners of the mouth will lose their elasticity and begin to sag. This process can start anywhere from as early as the late teens to the 20s and 30s. Though you might not naturally have the luscious lips you want due to genetics, or aging might be causing them to lose some fullness, you can give your lips an enhanced appearance with various minimally invasive treatments.

Lipsticks and glosses can only do so much. You’ll get better results from soft gel fillers that restore volume in the layers of skin. There are various kinds of hyaluronic acid lip fillers available depending on what type of aesthetic look you’re going for and how full you want your lips to be. Lip fillers also blend in well and can give your skin a seamless finish.

Here’s a very brief look at how the lip injections from our New Jersey injectors work.

Juvederm® Ultra is a thicker filler designed for volumizing naturally thin lips in a more dramatic way, while Volbella® has a lighter, thinner consistency that makes it ideal for adding very subtle volume or definition to the borders of the lips, as well as softening lip lines. Juvederm® is generally long lasting and eventually is metabolized by the body.

Lip fillers are known for their ability to produce natural looking results with minimal fuss. Find out more about lip injections in NJ from Burnett Plastic Surgery. Call us at 908.233.0200 or write us a message to request your appointment.

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