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Body Contouring for Unique Body Types

One of the most common reasons women and men alike choose plastic surgery is to alter their body shape. Bodies come in a wide range of different types and sizes. Each one is beautiful in its own, unique way—but having a shape that seems disproportionate or different from a person’s own “ideal” figure leads many people to feel insecure. At Burnett Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, body contouring with liposuction or other procedures is a popular method of removing fat from unwanted areas to create a more balanced or slender appearance.

Due to basic biology, women have the tendency to be heavier around their lower body. Some of the most common female body types are described as rectangle, athletic, pear, apple, and hourglass, but within these categories there are lots of variations. Men, on the other hand, are prone to gaining weight around the midsection and torso.

In addition, some people naturally have more muscle mass than others, and this also affects how body contours look. To make things more complicated, our basic body shapes can change a lot with age, weight fluctuations, or pregnancy. Women who started off being more bottom-heavy may find themselves looking more apple-shaped later in life, for example.

Liposuction is useful for removing fat from virtually anywhere on the body, including pesky trouble zones on the flanks, under the chin, below the butt, on the hips, or around the back and bra strap area. The body contouring procedure is ideal for people who are slim all over aside from one or two areas they have always been self-conscious about.

In addition to getting rid of excess fat, body contouring also involves procedures to address skin laxity and similar problems. For example, many women are self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts—whether because they think they’re overly large, too droopy, asymmetrical, or too flat. In a breast augmentation, implant devices are inserted into the breast pockets to enlarge the breast contours and change a woman’s profile. This adds volume, but does not address sagging due to stretched-out skin, which requires a lift. Similarly, for a protruding belly area, a tummy tuck will remove fat and skin while tightening muscles for a firmer, smaller abdomen.

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