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How Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Work?

In the majority of cases, except when a patient specifically requests something different, most rhinoplasty surgeons strive to preserve the basic, existing features of the patient and sculpt a nose that fits their unique personality. Finding a doctor who can produce a natural-looking rhinoplasty for African Americans can often be challenging, as the choices for cosmetic procedures that aren’t catering to Eurocentric standards can seem limited, especially in the United States.

An ethnic rhinoplasty is a type of nose job administered to non-Caucasian people. Dr. Carlos Burnett is highly experienced in producing outcomes that achieve desired change for the patient, while preserving characteristics specific to a particular heritage. We understand that patients who come to our practice seeking an ethnic rhinoplasty in New Jersey are searching for a physician who understands the importance of preserving their ethnic identity rather than erasing it.

During the 2010s, plastic surgeons around the country saw a significant increase in the percentage of non-Caucasian patients opting for cosmetic enhancements—including rhinoplasty, which is also referred to as a nose job. This form of plastic surgery is used to alter the bone and cartilage of the nose to enhance its appearance and make it more proportional with the rest of the face.

The last thing most people want from a nose job is an overdone or “fake” appearance, or a nose that doesn’t suit them. Many ethnic rhinoplasty patients also don’t want their nose to conform to one specific standard of beauty. Instead, they want attractive-looking results that match their specific vision.

Dr. Burnett recommends that anyone considering ethnic rhinoplasty take a look at their potential doctor’s before and after photos, which reveal their previous work on other patients who look similar. That’s why he makes his gallery available for browsing.

Each ethnic group typically has facial traits that are distinct and unique to them. The surgeon you choose should be knowledgeable on cultural norms and the subtle differences in nasal anatomy across various ethnicities—and should adapt the surgical techniques accordingly. This should be someone who has been educated in this type of surgery and has performed rhinoplasties on a large number of African American patients. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, Dr. Burnett has all of these qualities—and we aim to maintain your individual features and ethnic traits while delivering your sought-after final look.

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