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Fillers for Lines Around the Mouth

Fine lines and wrinkles are one of the most common skin concerns that people face as they get older. With aging comes lower levels of collagen, which can lead to more lines and creases, and damage built up over the years from sun exposure and free radicals starts to show. While there are some topical products that can help decrease the appearance of lines and help moisturize and plump the skin, fillers can be a great option for those with particularly deep or stubborn lines, such as those found around the mouth. Below we go over how fillers work and how they can help those struggling with smile lines, marionette lines and deep creases around the nasolabial folds.

The Best Fillers for Smile Lines, Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds

Fillers work by literally filling in the space they are injected into, helping restore lost volume and plumping the skin. However, which filler is best depends on your specific issue, severity of the lines and your aesthetic goals.

Smile Lines and Nasolabial Folds

Smile lines are named so because they are the lines that appear around the nasolabial folds and appear more prominent when you’re smiling. However, as the skin starts to show the effects of aging and sun exposure, these lines can be there even when your face is at rest. Fillers are a good option for moderate-level smile lines, and fillers with hyaluronic acid especially can be beneficial in restoring volume and moisture loss and helping smooth out the skin in this area.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines may not be as well-known as smile lines, but they’re extremely common. These lines go down from the corners of the mouth toward the chin and are named after the lines in the same place on marionette dolls. These lines appear due to natural collagen and volume loss as well as repeated muscle contractions and sun and free radical damage. Fillers like Juvederm® Vollure® can help correct this issue by filling in areas of lost volume and creating an overall smoother, tighter, more youthful appearance.

To find out more about how fillers can help you with common skin woes like smile lines, marionette lines and creases around the nasolabial folds, call Burnett Plastic Surgery today to speak to a member of our team who can help answer questions and set up your consultation appointment.

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