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The Benefits of Combining Liposuction and Other Body Contouring Procedures

If you want to go beyond exercise to enhance your body shape, cosmetic surgery is something to consider. Liposuction and lifts go hand in hand when it comes to creating lean, attractive proportions. At Burnett Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, liposuction surgery is often paired with procedures like tummy tucks or Brazilian butt lifts, or used as one of several techniques applied in a Mommy Makeover. When combined with these procedures, surgical fat reduction can significantly optimize the final results, with only one surgery and recovery period needed.

Liposuction, which involves detaching and suctioning away diet-resistant fat from under the skin, may not always be the best option on its own. In most body contouring surgeries, the aim is not only to minimize unwanted fat, but also to excise and tighten hanging skin, or even to repair separated muscles. Liposuction is particularly beneficial for patients who have excess amounts of fat in and around the treatment site.

A tummy tuck is used to create a flatter abdomen by removing fat and excess skin, tightening the remaining tissue, and repairing sit-up muscles as needed. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, liposuction is used to reduce fat from select areas during this surgery. However, in addition to taking fat from the lower belly, Dr. Burnett can take the procedure a step further and improve the overall appearance of the torso by removing deposits from the armpits, lower back, upper back, or flanks. The result is a proportionate trunk and abdomen instead of an isolated flatter belly.

For a Brazilian butt lift, fat is grafted from other areas of the patient’s body and artistically added to the buttocks and sometimes the hips as well. This has the advantage of creating a lifted, shapely butt while also slimming down areas such as the thighs, hips, lower back, and obliques—typical “problem areas” where it is common for fat to accumulate.

Note that liposuction can do a lot of things, but it unfortunately can’t improve health or take obese or overweight patients down to a stable weight. Preferred candidates are those who are in a good state of physical health, who are close to their ideal weight, and who simply want to get rid of localized pockets of fat.

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