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Am I an Ideal Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Breast augmentation continues to be among one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures, providing a number of different ways for women to obtain a fuller, shapelier cleavage. Of course, some women are already bestowed with substantially large breasts and, unfortunately, for some, this can lead to a variety of health conditions and discomfort, including back, neck, and shoulder pain, or even sleep issues and skin conditions. These are not the only reasons why one might consider breast reduction, however. Continue reading to learn more about how about who is an ideal candidate for breast reduction.

Some Symptoms that Indicate a Breast Reduction is Right for You

In some cases, a breast reduction might not be necessary. For example, if your breasts droop, sag, or appear flattened out, you might only require a breast lift. If you are unsure what procedure is best for you, the surefire way to know what will best address your concerns is to schedule a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon. In the meantime, you can review the following symptoms and conditions, which can indicate that breast reduction might be right for you:

Your breasts are too large in proportion to the size of your body

You are experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the size of your breasts

Your bra straps create grooves in your shoulders as a result of the weight of your breasts

You have poor posture

Your breasts are so heavy that they droop significantly, causing your nipples and areolas to point downward

Your breasts are not equal in size

You experience trouble sleeping due to breast discomfort

You have rashes or an infection that affects the skin trapped beneath your breasts

You are unable to participate in athletic or physical activities due to your breast size

You feel self-conscious about your breasts

Regularly experiencing one or more of the aforementioned symptoms might mean that a breast

reduction can provide some much-needed relief.

The Ideal Candidate

The following are also indicators that you are an ideal breast reduction candidate:

You are in overall good healthy

You are not a smoker

You feel that your breasts are disproportionately large for your body

Your breasts feel too heavy

You have reasonable expectations regarding the outcome of this procedure

Your activities are limited due to your breast size

You are not pregnant and do not plan to become pregnant

Breast Reduction in Westfield

If you are uncomfortable with the large size of your breasts, you might be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Westfield is dedicated to providing every patient with exceptional results, whether your goals are strictly for aesthetic purposes, or you are seeking to address issues of discomfort and pain. With us, you will be treated with the utmost care and compassion.

Get started on achieving your body goals today and contact us at (908) 524-0063 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burnett.

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