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The Rising Popularity of Injectable Anti-Aging Treatments

With the rise of social media sites, we are more and more exposed to the picture-perfect world of Instagram celebrities. As we are bombarded by hundreds of images of arching brows, plump lips, and impossibly high beauty standards, it can be difficult to distinguish the natural from the altered, despite the unrealistic examples of beauty we are shown. Every face as a little asymmetry to it, which lends a natural look to your appearance. But with more and more patients seeking perfect symmetry, is it possible that we will all end up looking the same?

Plastic surgeons across the country are confronted with the same dilemma—are cookie cutter, conventionally attractive features right for every person? Thanks to modern plastic surgery, it is possible to shape patients’ faces just how they desire. Plump lips, dainty noses, and smooth skin all can be easily achieved, but ­should every patient receive the same face as everyone else? It’s a question that revolves around what truly makes a person’s appearance attractive.

Injectable anti-aging treatments can fill fine lines, lift sagging skin, and fill contours that have flattened with age, restoring a youthful appearance. But taking the same approach to every patient can result in a face that takes an unnatural twist. Human faces are general slightly asymmetrical, which means that following the manufacturer provided diagrams for injections can cause these slight differences to become even more pronounced. It is important for plastic surgeons and dermatologists to receive extensive training and experience to know how to best treat each patient’s particular appearance, rather than using generalized methods that may not have the hoped-for results.

If you are seeking anti-aging treatment through injectable treatments, you will want to find the right doctor to perform these treatments. Ask about the number of treatments performed by the clinic, and ask about your doctor’s experience with injectable treatments. You are looking for a plastic surgeon or dermatologist with extensive experience and training to perform your treatment. They will have the knowledge of how to best target your problem areas to give you a more youthful-looking appearance, without looking fake.

A good doctor will also get you talking. They should be looking to see how your face moves as you communicate with others and express yourself. Each patient will have a slightly different facial structure and different facial movements. The most natural looking treatments occur when the doctor has a strong understanding of the construction and motion of your face. Even differences between each side must be taken into account when they are determining the course of treatment. Take the time to talk with your doctor and let them get a feel for your specific face.

Your unique face deserves a unique approach. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, our experienced Westfield plastic surgeon will take the time to discuss your desired outcome and get to know you better. Dr. Burnett is dedicated to helping our patients shape their own natural beauty into their best possible selves. We understand that a more confident future begins with passionate and knowledgeable expertise. Put your best face forward today!

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