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SmartLipo for Arms

Thin, sculpted arms can increase the overall appearance of a thinner body, but unfortunately, most are exercises do not effectively target the fat that can accumulate on and around the arms as you age. Sagging skin also can contribute to an aged appearance that many patients wish to reduce. SmartLipo may be the solution that patients are looking for. Find out how the procedure can reduce the appearance of fatty tissue and loose skin with a minimal recovery time.

What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is a process that combines laser energy with traditional liposuction for a process that is far less traumatic than conventional liposuction. The area is pretreated with laser energy, which liquefies the lipids in unwanted fat cells. The process can pinpoint problem areas more precisely. After the unwanted fat tissue has been treated with a laser, it will be gently suctioned from the body with a microcannula, for a minimally invasive treatment.

This procedure can be helpful to target lingering fat deposits in individuals who are at or near their ideal body weight and can help improve skin elasticity. This can help treat the sagging skin that can come with age and weight loss. SmartLipo can help you reach your body’s full potential by targeting those lingering problem spots that are difficult to eliminate with exercise and diet.

SmartLipo can be used to reduce the appearance of the anterior auxiliary fat pads that are located on the chest, just in front of the armpits. These pads may exist, even in patients with thin figures, and can be exaggerated by tight clothing, such as bras. Posterior auxiliary fat pads may also pose a problem, and lead to bulging around the upper back and armpits. Using microcannulas to reduce the appearance and size of these pads can often help increase the appearance of toned arms. Often, this procedure can be performed at the same time as other SmartLipo procedures to transform your arms.

Recovery from SmartLipo Treatments

Unlike conventional liposuction, SmartLipo can be performed with only local anesthesia, rather than general anesthesia. This leads to a faster, easier recovery for patients. Many patients report significant improvement in healing after a few days. The procedure uses microcannulas to help reduce scarring from the procedure. For most patients, the resulting scares are small and barely visible. Typically, these scars fade significantly after six months of healing.

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