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Maintaining Results after a Cosmetic Procedure

You’ve done it. You’ve taken the step toward regaining your confidence through cosmetic surgery, and you’ve spent a lot of time off work, money, and effort to get yourself the look of your dreams. You may now be wondering how to maintain these results as long as possible, if not forever–after all, what was the point in going through all of that if the results were only going to be temporary?

At Burnett Plastic Surgery, our Westfield plastic surgery experts can help you recover as quickly as possible, and we also want to make sure your results are lifelong. That’s why we take special care of informing you the best ways to keep the results you’ve always dreamed of a reality. Many people believe once they get a cosmetic procedure, nature will simply hold up what’s been done and there is nothing else to do. However, they are sorely mistaken.

The following are tips to maintaining results after a cosmetic procedure:

  • Keep up a healthy diet and regular exercise – Body contouring such as liposuction can be a life changing procedure. It can quite literally make some people’s dreams come true. While you may be incredibly pleased with what you see in the mirror after body contouring or other cosmetic procedures, you must know that things won’t stay the same forever without a little effort on your part. In order to keep your body in the shape it is after a cosmetic procedure, you need to make sure you keep up a healthy diet and continue to regularly exercise. Not only is it important to keep your weight down so as to now undo the cosmetic procedure, you don’t want you skin to stretch as well. You will love the way you look if you continue to maintain your overall health.
  • Skin practices – Scarring is a natural part of the surgical recovery process, but it should go away with time. Make sure to follow all instructions your Westfield plastic surgeon provides, including limiting exercise or staying bedridden. Stay out of the sun, keep the area clean, and use all required creams and ointments. Updating your existing skin routine according to what your doctor recommends post-procedure is vital.
  • Healthy habits – If you smoke, drink, take vitamins, supplements, or any medication, let your doctor know. These are important to your recovery and they may even impact how your surgeon approaches your procedure. Once you see how great you look and feel after your cosmetic procedure, you may even want to avoid some of these unhealthy habits in order to maintain what you have.

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While the results can look magical, they simply aren’t. It is important to keep the above in mind so you can enjoy the benefits of your beautiful body as long as you can, if not forever. Dr. Burnett of Burnett Plastic Surgery is dedicated to helping you be so proud of your appearance, that you won’t even risk losing the results you’ve worked so hard for. We are a full-service plastic surgery practice, and we strive to help you take great joy in your newfound or renewed confidence. You inspire us to be our best, every day.

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