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How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

Once you’ve made the choice to seek out the services of a plastic surgeon, the question becomes which doctor to go to. A practiced surgeon can help you to feel more confident and content with your body. On the other hand, placing your trust in an inexperienced doctor can lead to the headache of needing additional procedures. So, how do you know which surgeon is the right one for you? Below, our blog outlines four tips to consider when choosing your cosmetic surgeon.

  1. Check for Board Certification: Look to see that any potential surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Why does this matter? To become board certified, a doctor must complete rigorous training and educational requirements in both general and plastic surgery.
  2. Ask for before and after photos: One of the best tools prospective clients can use when selecting a surgeon is a before and after gallery of photos. Seeing a surgeon’s results can give you the confidence to know you’re making the right choice. In fact, some surgeons use technology that allows patients to see a visualization of what their results may look like beforehand.
  3. Find out what their current clients say: While it is common to consult with one or more surgeons before making a final choice, it may be easy to overlook another great source of information: current and past clients. Ask to see client testimonials or success stories, and if possible, look for others who have had the same or similar procedures. The experiences conveyed by other clients can provide personalized insight into the care you may expect.
  4. Don’t forget to ask questions: The surgeon you hire should strive to provide you with the highest levels of care. However, your medical team may best assist you when everyone is on the same page. For this reason, if you have a question or concern about your procedure, do not be afraid to ask your doctor. Before your visit, consider researching some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about plastic surgery to help you best prepare.

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