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Considering Breast Implants After Mastectomy In NJ

Breast cancer is a frightening and all-to-common condition affecting women today. The woman who undergoes breast cancer treatment has a number of considerations to make regarding her health, her appearance, and her identity. Due to widespread press, mastectomy, or the removal of a diseased breast, has become a common treatment option for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Mastectomy is even considered by a large number of women as a preventive measure against breast cancer after actress Angelina Jolie bravely revealed her choice to undergo this procedure in response to the presence of BRCA genes.

Mastectomy is a very personal choice and one that no doubt takes a great deal of consideration. While the intent is to guard health and life, the removal of breast tissue also has an emotional impact on women, potentially causing issues with self-esteem and identity.

Options For Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Over the last several years, we have witnessed several improvements in the area of breast reconstruction and augmentation. Breast implants continue to be chosen by our NJ patients as a path towards positive body image. Each woman is different in her build as well as in her needs for a particular esthetic. The diversity of options in breast augmentation is now in line with the varies needs of different patients. Women visiting Burnett Plastic Surgery receive personalized care that will enable them to choose the augmentation option that will look and feel exactly as they want.

Implants may include silicone gel, saline, or the more viscous silicone referred to as the “gummy bear” implant. Each type of implant has characteristics that can achieve a natural feel and shape. During consultation with your experienced surgeon it is possible to identify the characteristics in texture, shape, and size that will best complement your body type.

Quality Care Tailored To Your Needs

Breast augmentation has been one of the most sought-after procedures for several years. The advances in materials used to make implants themselves have improved the possible outcome from augmentation surgery. The additional element that cannot be left out is the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. A board-certified surgeon with more than fifteen years of experience and an extensive educational background, Dr. Carlos Burnett has achieved outstanding results time and again.

Your feelings about your appearance matter. Contact Burnett Plastic Surgery today to discuss your options for breast enhancement.

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