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Abdominoplasty After Cesarean Section A Possibility For Our Westfield NJ Patients

Abdominoplasty After Cesarean Section A Possibility For Our Westfield NJ Patients

Many women consider the tummy tuck procedure after giving birth. The procedure is ideal for the woman who has realistic expectations, takes good care of herself and who has completed her family. While abdominoplasty can be an excellent solution to the changes that occur during pregnancy, many of the women who visit the Westfield, NJ practice of plastic surgeon Carlos Burnett, MD wonder if their C-section may stand in the way of their hopes for better body contours.

Whether you have had a C-section or you delivered your child vaginally, you are a good candidate for abdominoplasty. In this singular procedure, our patients are happy to see they can address several post-pregnancy concerns simultaneously. What is important to consider is the timing of the tummy tuck. Of course, the sooner you can have a renewed sense of confidence in your body, the better. However, muscles, vessels and tissues do require time to recover from the effects of pregnancy. Rushing into the procedure too soon only increases the risk of complications.

What Can Be Accomplished With The Post-Pregnancy Abdominoplasty Procedure

Women who have a tummy tuck after Cesarean section can enjoy:

  • A pre-pregnancy figure – or even better!
  • A reduction in the appearance of C-section scarring.
  • Decrease or elimination of stretch marks.
  • A flatter, tighter tummy.
  • A more contoured waistline.
  • A stronger abdomen through the repair of stretched muscles.
  • Better core support, which improves posture.
  • A surgical scar that can be easily hidden beneath underwear or a bikini.
  • A perfectly sculpted belly button.
  • A greater ability to fit into body-con clothing like skinny jeans.
  • Improved confidence no matter what she is wearing.

Why Waiting Six To Twelve Months Is Best

Once you have decided that you want to tighten your core with the abdominoplasty procedure, it can be difficult to wait several months to undergo your procedure. The fact is, however, that there are very good reasons to plan your tummy tuck at the most opportune time.

Some women require as much as a year or even longer to fully recover physically and emotionally from pregnancy and childbirth. Energy stores are low during the first months after delivery and the demands on a new mother are significant. Because the recovery from surgery requires time and energy, scheduling the tummy tuck too early may put the new mom in a situation that is unnecessarily stressful. After surgery, it is important that you take the week necessary to focus on yourself. When your baby is still very young, this can be next to impossible unless you have full-time help.

Dr. Carlos Burnett is recognized throughout his community as an experienced physician who provides his patients with the information they need to move forward with their goals in the most confident manner. To learn more about abdominoplasty, schedule a consultation in our Westfield office.

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