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Women Seek A Well-Respected Plastic Surgeon In New Jersey For Breast Enhancement Surgery

Women Seek A Well-Respected Plastic Surgeon In New Jersey For Breast Enhancement Surgery

Both young and older women may desire breast enhancement surgery. Young women may simply believe that larger breasts will make them feel more beautiful.

As time passes, women can become unhappy with their breasts for a variety reasons. Pregnancy and significant weight loss may leave women desiring a different look. The team at Burnett Plastic Surgery in New Jersey provides breast enhancement surgery to women who want to have the fullness and projection of their breasts increase. Breast enhancements can improve the balance of women’s figures as well as increase their confidence. Our Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Burnett, has been transforming the lives of women with procedures such as breast augmentation, for many years.

Candidates who are ideal for breast augmentation have fully developed breasts, are physically healthy, believe their breasts are too small, and are unhappy with breasts losing shape after aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. Breasts that failed to develop normally, elongated breasts, or asymmetrical breasts are additional reasons women seek treatment. If you are interested in improving your body image, Dr. Burnett and our team would love to meet with you. We will schedule your consultation with Dr. Bennet in our boutique-style office with Dr. Burnett.

Before the appointment, it is important to evaluate your reasons for wanting surgery, your expectations, and the desired outcome. Dr. Burnett will want to discuss your goals and help you achieve them. He reviews your medical history and asks about medications you may take, including herbal supplements and vitamins. Dr. Burnett inquiries about medical conditions, drug allergies, and previous medical treatments. It important to inform him of tobacco, alcohol, or drug use.

Dr. Burnett examines your breasts in proportion to your body, to determine if breast enhancement surgery is best for you. He takes detailed measurements of breast size and shape, analyzes skin quality, and checks placement of the nipples and areolas to determine if the increase in volume you desire makes sense aesthetically and medically. If you are a candidate for breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Burnett will tailor a plan to meet your individual needs.

Dr. Burnett and our team deliver exceptional results that help patients feel more confident about themselves. We would love to place you on a path toward improved self-esteem. To learn more about breast enhancement surgery, call(908) 524-0063 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burnett.

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