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Your Introduction To Gummy Bear Breast Implants In Westfield

Your Introduction To Gummy Bear Breast Implants In Westfield

By far, the most popular procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation. In the U.S. just fewer than 300,000 procedures are performed annually. Until recently, women had two choices when they wanted to enhance the size and shape of breasts: conventional silicone or saline implants.

Today, the world of breast augmentation looks much different than in previous decades, thanks to the development of a new, high-strength silicone gel. Implants made with this innovative substance have been dubbed “Gummy Bear” breast implants, and for good reason. Patients of our Westfield area office see firsthand the close resemblance between this type of implant and the delicious candy after which it has been named. Like a true Gummy Bear, a “Gummy” implant is form stable. This means that, if cut, the center remains a solid gel consistency.

With form stable implants, women have a new and improved option for beautiful breast augmentation. Gummy Bear implants were developed to closely replicate the natural shape of the breast for a truly authentic aesthetic. This type of implant may be round or shaped like a tear drop: tapered at the top and thicker at the bottom. The thickness of the gel inside the implant is what helps it retain this natural shape.

The distinct advantage that comes from the Gummy Bear breast implants is that the breast tends to naturally conform to their shape, rather than the other way around. Data shows that the combination of the silicone lining and the texture of the form-stable implant are conducive to long term results.

The entire compilation of texture, shape, and filling of Gummy Bear implants also lends to a significant decrease in the risk of wrinkling of the implant after the breast augmentation procedure. The semi-solid inner silicone will not leak, and the end result of Gummy Bear implants tends to look and feel extremely natural.

It is natural for a woman to desire ideal proportions from head to toe. When breasts are too small, confidence may wane. Dr. Carlos Burnett has spent several years helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals with the safest surgical practices.

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