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To Augment Or To Lift, That Is The Question

To Augment Or To Lift, That Is The Question

Enhancing the size and shape of the breasts is a detailed process that must be tailored to the individual. Women today want to feel good about the authenticity of their appearance. Simply inserting large implants beneath deflated, sagging tissue is not enough. Dr. Burnett considers the intricate details that lead to the most natural-looking result for each patient. In some cases, this means a determination must be made to augment alone or to also lift breast tissue.

The purpose of post-weight loss breast enhancement is to replicate, as much as possible, what had previously existed. In many cases, Dr. Burnett’s patients feel even more satisfied with the contours of their body after breast surgery. While lifting alone may be appropriate for some women, many benefit greater when they also undergo augmentation with implants shaped and sized to their body frame. Lifting can remove excess skin and bring the breast up farther on the chest, but fullness is regained by filling in the space beneath.

Undergoing surgery is a big decision. The first step in regaining total confidence in your body is to learn about your options for breast enhancement from an experienced surgeon like Dr. Burnett. In our office, you can discuss your expectations and concerns with a friendly physician who considers your needs. After you have been provided with the necessary information; such as details of the procedure and post-surgical recovery, you will be in the ideal place to move forward with the utmost confidence.

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