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Is It Time For A Tummy Tuck With Your NJ Plastic Surgeon?

Over time and various experiences, a woman’s body changes a great deal. While it is normal for the skin in the abdominal area to become somewhat loose after pregnancy, there are some women for whom the degree of excess skin or lack of elasticity becomes emotionally troublesome. When there is a lack of satisfaction with body contours, there may be a decrease in confidence so significant that intimate situations are uncomfortable and sadness develops.

There are a number of reasons for loose, sagging skin in the midsection. Dr. Burnett consults with women all the time who explain why their tummy looks the way it does. No matter the reason behind sagging abdominal skin, the common thread that runs through the stories we hear is this: the appearance of loose skin causes embarrassment.

You do not have to be uncomfortable in your own skin

Dr. Carlos Burnett is an experienced surgeon who offers the tummy tuck procedure, known as abdominoplasty, for women all around NJ. Through this procedure, the loose muscle and sagging abdominal skin is corrected. It does not matter if the problem at hand has been caused by previous surgery, genetics, dramatic weight fluctuations, or pregnancy, the precision of the tummy tuck achieves beautiful results. In addition to removing excess skin and fat tissue with this procedure, Dr. Burnett also sees his patients released from heavy emotional baggage through the achievement of their desired goal.

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck is ideal for the woman who is in good health and who is committed to wellness through healthy diet and exercise habits. We typically see women for this procedure after they have reached the body weight they feel is ideal for them and have no plans for future pregnancy.

Once a desired amount of weight has been lost, the skin will naturally shrink back. The degree to which this happens is different for every woman. We do not expect our patients to be in perfect physical condition to qualify for the tummy tuck procedure but do advise that this form of care is not intended for weight loss. If there is still lingering fat in excess of 25 pounds, abdominoplasty may not be the most suitable treatment.

In consultation with Dr. Burnett, you can learn if the tummy tuck is the best procedure to help you feel better about your body. To schedule your consultation, call (908) 524-0063.

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