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For The Best, Safest Contouring, Ditch The Waist Trainer And Consider A Tummy Tuck From Your Experienced Surgeon In NJ

A brief look at pop culture and you will quickly see that waist training is an incredibly popular trend at the moment. With iconic beauties, like those in the Kardashian clan, making their use of waist trainers very public, more women are considering the perceived benefits of these products. The goal of any type of body contouring treatment is to get the best results. It is also necessary to consider safety when altering body structure. In many cases, the tummy tuck is a far better solution than waist training. Experienced surgeon, Dr. Carlos Burnett, discusses the pros and cons of various treatments with patients in his NJ plastic surgery practice.

What is waist training, really?

Essentially, women have been training their waists for centuries. The modern day waist trainer is not a far cry from the belly binding performed in Ancient Asian and African cultures; nor from corsets worn by women in the 1500s. True waist training is the continual wear of a corset-like structure for days, weeks, or months of time. Infrequent or short-term wear produces temporary results. The long-term binding of the ribs and abdominal area can result in the restructuring of the ribcage, with lower ribs turning inward and internal organs getting displaced. Clearly, this cannot be ideal for long term health.

What about exercise waist training?

One of the popular methods of whittling the middle in a “safe” manner is to wear a waist trainer, which is like a spandex belt on steroids, while working out. While the compression of such a garment can in fact reduce water weight for a short time, there is also a downside. During exercise, the body is in need of more oxygen, not less. Worn too tightly, the exercise waist trainer can inhibit oxygen uptake and lead to fainting.

Abdominoplasty a safe, long term solution to unwanted fat and sagging

Dr. Carlos Burnett has been performing plastic surgery procedures for several years. He has seen a number of trends come and go. The waist trainer, as we have seen from history, is one such trend that will eventually fade away due to poor results and potential complications. Women, as well as, men can achieve much better results when they consult a plastic surgeon about tummy tuck surgery: with or without liposuction.

Abdominoplasty precisely lifts sagging tissue and tightens abdominal muscles, essentially creating a corset of natural tissue!

Modifying the body can be done safely and efficiently. Contact Burnett Plastic Surgery to learn more about our contouring treatments.

Carlos Burnett