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Scars Can Fade Away- A Scar Management Solution

The formation of scars are a normal process of wound healing. They occur when there is any event which causes a disruption of the skin tissue.Some examples are cuts, abrasions, surgery, pressure ulcers, dog bites, to name a few.There are factors which can affect scar healing such as the size and depth of the wound, age, skin color, length of time it takes for the skin to heal and genetics.

The appearance of scars usually improves over time. They tend to be red and thick at first and fade slowly over months and can occur up to 18 months.Some scars may become hypertrophic, which are more raised. Some people are more prone to keloid formation which tend to develop more than 3 months after the initial injury. Keloid scarring is more prevalent in darker skin and may be associated with pain and itching.

To help minimize the appearance of scars, there is now a medical grade product that flattens, smoothes and fades scars. NewGel silicone sheets and NewGel + E silicone gel, has been clinically tested to provide greater overall improvements of scars.

The silicone sheets work by a combination of occlusion, hydration, elevated skin temperature and continuous light pressure. All these factors positively affect the rate and outcome of the healing process. The silicone gel form works by creating a protective barrier with the ideal environment to manage and reduce scars. It also provides hydration and occlusion. The gel is enhanced with 1% vitamin E to increase the softening and moisturizing effect.

One can begin using these products when the scar is closed and/or sutures are removed. Positive results are seen in as little as 3-7 weeks and continued improvement can occur up to 6 months. It’s easy to use and there are many shapes and sizes of the silicone sheets for a variety of applications. Why suffer with the unsightly appearance of a scar…use NewGel today.

Carlos Burnett