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New And Affordable Plastic Surgery Packages

People often come to us with needs like, “I’m going to a wedding and want to look great”, and “there are wrinkles around my eyes that I’d like to get rid of”, or “I’d like to look younger and want an all-natural procedure”. These are among the most popular requests of our patients.

Here at Burnett Plastic Surgery we love to give our patients all they need, in an atmosphere so special where each patient receives our complete and full attention. We recently created more than a dozen BEAUTY PACKAGES, which are the procedures we recommend for many of our most popular requests. For example, here is our recommendation for the patient going to a wedding, the Rejuvenate Your Whole Face package:

Botox in two areas to diminish wrinkles

Juvederm to fill in lax or sunken areas of the face

A Precision MD chemical peel to refresh your skin

Relastin eye cream to continue treating wrinkles around your eyes at home, and

Latisse to brighten your eyes with longer lashes

You can see that it’s really important to have a few different treatments to give this patient the results she wants. More good news – these beauty packaged solutions are discounted, to encourage our patients to agree to our whole-picture recommendation.

We’d love to discuss your personal needs and recommend our best treatments. Check out our Beauty Packages on our Specials Page

Carlos Burnett