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Reduce Cellulite With Groundbreaking Injectable Treatments In Westfield, Nj

Tired of dealing with the telltale dimples of cellulite? QWO at Westfield, NJ's Burnett Plastic Surgery is the first injectable prescription treatment available to smooth "orange peel skin." It's also the least invasive method to be approved by the FDA for targeting cellulite on the buttocks.

The uneven texture of cellulite is extremely common, and the cosmetic condition affects people of all types of body shapes and sizes. In fact, studies have shown that more than 90 percent of all women will experience cellulite to some degree at some time in their lives—as will a small number of men. While the obvious dimpling is not a medical problem or health issue, those who see it as an unattractive nuisance often seek out treatments to smooth it away. Creams and other topical products tend to not be effective, and other methods require incisions. QWO is a happy medium between the two: It's non-invasive surgically, and it generates visible results.

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What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition associated with several factors, including a buildup of fat that pushes against the underside of the skin's surface. However, cellulite is not fat itself. The dimpling is caused by fatty tissue being segmented by and pushing against fibrous collagen bands, known as septae, that keep skin tethered to its associated muscle. As fat pushes up and out, the surface expands everywhere except for the places where septae are pulling down. The result is a small depression in the skin, made even more pronounced as fat cells continue to squeeze and create pressure.

While cellulite isn't caused by loose skin, it can look more prominent if skin loses volume and elasticity due to aging. Cellulite is also believed to be linked to structural issues in the skin, since women typically store fat in a different way from men. Cellulite is most likely to occur after puberty, and it can develop regardless of how slim or muscular you are.

Many people think losing weight can help with cellulite, but since the primary cause of dimpling is the tight collagen fibers, releasing these septae is an ideal solution. That's where QWO comes in.

Meet Our Nurse Injector
Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

Educated at The College of New Jersey, with a BA of Science and a Major in Nursing, Mukta Rane brings her passion for beauty, perfectionism and precision to Burnett Plastic Surgery. Both Dr. Carlos Burnett and Mukta Rane provide top-quality injectables to their patients.

Mukta Rane, RN, BSN, BSN-BC

Qwo Basics

QWO contains a chemical known as collagenase clostridium histolyticumaaes, which is an enzyme that breaks down the types of collagen that contribute to cellulite. Unlike laser and mechanical methods that are commonly used to treat dimpling by cutting and breaking the bands, QWO releases the collagen bands chemically while supporting the redistribution of fat cells for a smoother surface and the creation of new collagen to thicken the skin.

QWO is designed for patients who are in a good state of health overall and who have moderate to severe cellulite dimpling on the area of their buttocks. Patients who have an active infection in the treatment area or are allergic to collagenase or any other ingredient contained in QWO should choose a different treatment strategy.

Qwo Injection Session Details

Each minimally invasive QWO treatment is performed in-office by Dr. Carlos Burnett or Nurse Injector Mukta Rane as a series of injections made with a tiny needle. Each session will need to be spaced three weeks apart.

The predetermined areas will be marked with a pen to guide the injections, which are administered directly into the subcutaneous fat on the dimpled areas of the buttocks. Up to 12 QWO injections can be performed in a single session. No preparation or aftercare will be required. Patients can treat up to two separate areas with QWO in each session. Each QWO treatment takes as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Some minor and temporary side effects—such as injection site bruising and discoloration—may occur, but these will resolve on their own within a few days. Some other possible side effects include pain, redness, soreness, hardness, and itching, which will also fade shortly after the treatment.

Since there is no surgery involved, there will be virtually no recovery time needed.

Most patients get optimal results after having three QWO injection sessions. Although the dimples may not completely go away, patients should notice significant improvements and much-less-noticeable cellulite. The results from QWO can last for years.

Are There Any Other Body Contouring Procedures?

QWO improves the look of cellulite without surgery, but there are also some surgical procedures available for enhancing the overall shape of the buttocks, hips, and thigh areas. One option is a Brazilian butt lift, which transfers unwanted fat from other areas of the body to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks. Another option is liposuction. Surgical fat reduction is not considered effective on cellulite, but it does sculpt your body shape by removing stubborn, resistant fat from targeted areas. Since both procedures can help to shape and draw attention to the buttocks, many patients find they want the skin there to be as smooth as possible.

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