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For most people, how you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside. Everyone has something about their appearance they don't particularly like, which is where we come in. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we provide cutting-edge services to help you look and feel your best, no matter what age you are. If you are considering making a change to your look, whether you require plastic surgery, facial injections, or skin treatments, we can help.

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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Trust Our Board-Certified Doctor

With two decades of experience, Dr. Burnett has the skill and knowledge you need to help you choose the right procedure to meet your needs. His professionalism and compassionate demeanor will help you feel comfortable and confident in his ability to provide you with the look you're after. At each consultation, Dr. Carlos Burnett answers his patient's questions and concerns in full, never rushing and never pushing. It is of the utmost importance that our patients receive the consideration they deserve in our intimate, luxurious office.

Consider Your Options

We offer a variety of procedures and treatments to meet the individual needs of each patient. Whether you are looking to enhance your natural appearance or alter a particular flaw, Burnett Plastic Surgery wants to help.

We offer a variety of treatments and procedures, including:

In addition to the above services, we also provide procedures for men, including abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty, and gynecomastia surgery.

Popular Facial Procedures

For individuals looking to restore a youthful appearance to their face, neck, and chin area, we have treatments for you. Our office provides BOTOX® and Kybella® procedures to reduce signs of aging or minimize pesky fat in the neck or chin area, depending on your needs. Dr. Burnett is specially trained to provide treatments by Allergan, the makers of both BOTOX® and Kybella®. His knowledge of these injections allows Dr. Burnett to customize treatments to the needs of each individual patient.


BOTOX® is one of the most commonly used injectable medicines used to fight the signs of aging. The injection is designed to temporarily relax the facial muscles, reducing brow lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, and chin dimpling.


If you are self-consciously dealing with a "double chin," Kybella® may be the ideal treatment for you. Kybella® is an injectable that destroys existing fat cells while also preventing cells from accumulating or storing fat in the future. The procedure takes roughly 20 minutes in our office and may cause minimal temporary side effects. We often recommend Kybella® as an alternative to invasive surgery for patients looking for a more natural look.

We Can Help You Get the Look You Want

At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we are passionate about providing our patients with results they can be proud of. Our $125 consultation fee ($175 for double procedures) can help you determine which procedure will best fit your needs, and the fee can go toward whatever treatment or treatments you and Dr. Burnett decide on.

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