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Cranford Plastic Surgery

Personalized Procedures to Reveal the Most Beautiful You

When you are considering making an alteration to your appearance, it is crucial you see someone who understands both the art and science of plastic surgery practices. From facial surgeries to skin treatments, each procedure has the power to restore your self-esteem and confidence when performed correctly. Whether you're fighting the signs of aging or have a problem area you'd like to address, our skilled doctor at Burnett Plastic Surgery can help.

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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Trust Our Knowledgeable Doctor

Dr. Burnett has 20 years of experience in his field and has been listed among the top plastic surgeons in the country. He is focused on providing each client with the attention they require and is passionate about delivering beautiful, quality results. At Burnett Plastic Surgery you can rest easy knowing you won't receive a cookie-cutter procedure. We provide ample consultation time to ensure each patient receives a personalized procedure plan they are happy with, and results they can be confident in.

As a trainer for Allergan, the maker of popular treatments BOTOX® and Kybella®, Dr. Burnett has more familiarity with the injectable procedures than most. BOTOX®, a popular injectable treatment for aging, relaxes facial and neck muscles to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. Another injectable medicine, Kybella®, is used to eliminate fat cells around the neck area, which sometimes give the unwanted appearance of a "double chin." Because of his specialized training, Dr. Burnett can create customized treatments for each patient, depending on his or her needs.

Our Treatments and Procedures

Whether your appearance has changed through the natural course of aging, having children, weight loss, or weight gain, sometimes you may need a bit of help to attain the appearance you want. Dr. Burnett provides a variety of procedures for both men and women to help with an assortment of issues.

The treatments and services we provide include, but are not limited to:

We Provide Luxurious, High-Quality Care

When you visit Burnett Plastic Surgery, you can be confident you will receive top-notch service and outstanding results. Our trained staff is available to answer any concerns and to ensure your experience is a positive one. We use the most advanced technology to provide our patients with the best care available, and we do so quickly and affordably. Even if you are unsure about what procedure would be best for you, we are happy to discuss your choices and help you find the right one for you.

To discuss treatment options available in the Cranford area, or to learn more about our reward programs and seasonal promotions, contact Burnett Plastic Surgery.