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Nature has bestowed certain physical characteristics upon each of us. For many people, their appearance is a source of discontent. Dr. Carlos Burnett is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience in the Westfield area. His passion for the art and science of rejuvenation is clear in the way he takes time with each patient. We have a clear understanding of the critical role physical image plays in everyday life, right down to the emotional impact our patients' appearance has on them. With a great deal of compassionate care, we help our patients enhance what nature has given them.

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We take an approach to rejuvenating treatments that serves the body and mind, providing care with the greatest level of respect for the patient. The formulation of treatment is unique to each individual so that the most natural, pleasing results may be achieved, whether we are correcting a cosmetic concern with medications or with a precise surgical procedure. In our comfortable, caring environment, our patients are educated about the various treatment options available to them, allowing them to remain in control as they make improvements to their appearance.

Burnett Plastic Surgery is a respected cosmetic practice that has been featured in local and regional press. Our team works with patients on a personal basis, understanding their cosmetic concerns and goals before we use our expertise and technical skills to achieve the desired outcome. The experience from which we pull is used to create facial harmony for each patient, taking into consideration ethnic background, and structural details. Our level of care extends beyond treatment and incorporates unparalleled follow-up services.

The comfortable practice of Burnett Plastic Surgery is located in Westfield, just 15 minutes outside of New York City. Dr. Burnett is an experienced, Board Certified surgeon who has trained on both coasts, in California as well as in the Tri-State area. Dr. Burnett's artistic creativity and wealth of surgical experience draw patients from many areas to our state-of-the-art surgical facility.

Please feel free to get to know our practice by browsing our site. Our various pages explain our services and provide valuable information that may help you pinpoint what you wish to accomplish with your own image.

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I can tell you that as I approach my 58th birthday, I am pleased to recall the unsolicited compliment from a woman, younger than I,
who said to me, "you look terrific, not your age, like the girl in the high school photo". That's a great compliment to hear, especially when I have been handling a lot of projects, the stress of which can be reflected in a person's face.

Dr. Burnett's skill is meticulous, his manner is absolutely charming, whether treating my late grandmother (skin graft), when she was in her 90's, or treating a middle-aged woman like me (carpal tunnel surgery and face treatments). I have complete confidence when I am in his care.
I have recommended Dr. Burnett highly in the
past. I will continue to do so without reservation.

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