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The path to happiness and confidence sometimes requires a journey of transformation. Unfortunately, life is more difficult when you aren't comfortable in your own skin. Whether you're suffering because of a bodily imperfection or need to enhance a physical asset, Burnett Plastic Surgery is available to help! We proudly offer our specialized services in a comfortable and private environment. Don't let your chance at happiness pass you by!

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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Our Procedures

Every patient who walks through our doors is special and unique. As an African American plastic surgeon, Dr. Burnett takes care to be considerate of the natural beauty of a patient's ethnicity. We offer individualized care for Asian Americans, African Americans, and patients of Hispanic descent who want to improve their natural beauty while retaining the characteristics of their ethnicity.

We offer the following procedures:

We also offer special Mommy Makeovers, and even specialized procedures for men!

Beat the Gatekeeper!

Your financial situation shouldn't be the great gatekeeper on your path to self-improvement. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we offer various financial programs and specials to help you live your best life.

How you can save money:

  • Earn points and cash discounts through our rewards program, BPS Points
  • Award points and cash discounts sponsored by Allergan
  • Discounts when you purchase multiple procedures
  • Seasonal packages focusing on surgical and non-surgical procedures

New surgical consultations are priced at $125 (or $175 for double procedures), a fee that will be deducted from your procedure once it's booked.

You Only Live Once!

Burnett Plastic Surgery is recognized as a national, top social influencer in plastic surgery. We offer the latest technologies and procedures developed by our own Dr. Burnett to help men and women become their ideal selves. Our greatest pride is hearing a patient tell us how confident they feel after a procedure. You only live once, so why not go after the chance to enjoy your life to the fullest?

Burnett Plastic Surgery

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