Procedures for Men in Westfield

Rejuvenating Your Appearance with Plastic Surgery

Men deserve to have pride and confidence in their bodies just as much as women do. At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we offer a broad variety of procedures for men to help achieve the look you want.

Our Westfield plastic surgeon provides procedures for men who are interested in using plastic surgery to enhance their physical appearance.

Common Procedures for Men

Every person has their individual features and preferences, which is why every surgery we perform is a unique work of art, rather than a standardized cookie cutter experience. We take the time to meet with our patients to get a deeper understanding of what you hope to achieve with plastic surgery. Whether you want a straighter nose, fewer wrinkles, or you have a bigger picture in mind, we are here. We can work with you to help you achieve a younger or more masculine appearance.

We also offer dermal fillers and Botox injections to men who are interested in looking younger without surgery. These non-surgical, non-invasive treatments are relatively fast, safe, and show results very quickly.

Our $100 surgery consultation fee can be deducted from the cost of your procedure.