Procedures and Treatments Prices

Restoring You Confidence One Step at a Time

At Burnett Plastic Surgery, we know just how discouraging it can be to look in the mirror and be displeased with what you see. This is why we love to help people leave our office looking and feeling the best they have in years. If you are ready to see your confidence take a huge leap, take a look at our price list below and consider schedule a cosmetic consult to discuss which options may work best for you!

The following are our prices as of June 2017:

  • Cosmetic consult $100
  • Scars and lesions $175
  • Arm Lift $7,000
  • Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift and Silicone Implants $9,951
  • Breast Reduction $10,127
  • Breast Lift $8,500
  • Breast Augmentation $6,500
  • Brazilian Butt Lift $9,050
  • Blepharoplasty Four Lids $7,500
  • Blepharoplasty Upper Lids $4,117
  • Blepharoplasty Lower Lids $5,625
  • Mommy Makeover (Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation) $12,535
  • Rhinoplasty, Primary with Cartilage Graft $12,014
  • Rhinoplasty, Revised with cartilage Graft $12,500
  • Rhinoplasty, Primary $10,500
  • Facelift $11,300
  • Tummy Tuck $8,500
  • Smart Lipo from $3250-10,451

Injectables and treatments are as follows:

  • SkinMedica Peel Packages: Vitalize Peel $750
  • Rejuvenize Peel $840
  • Iluminize Peel $600
  • Botox and Xeomin $15/unit
  • Juvederm Voluma 2 syringe Treatment $1820.00
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus $660/Syringe
  • Juvederm Vollure $760/Syringe
  • Juvederm Ultra $660/syringe
  • Juvederm Volbella $500/syringe
  • Kybella $1500-$1800/treatment
  • Bellotero Balance $499/syringe PCBb

All of our procedures are performed at RWJ/Saint Barnabas Health Rahway, and our prices are subject to vary or change. If you are interested in any of the above procedures and more, we want to help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s get started with a new chapter in your life today!

To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Burnett, don’t hesitate to call us today at (908) 524-0063.