About Burnett Plastic Surgery

Confidence is Everything to Our Westfield Plastic Surgery Team!

We love nothing more than to hear our patients say they feel better about themselves after surgery – and to see the boost in self-confidence that comes with being satisfied with their appearance.

Whether you want to enhance your physical assets or correct an imbalance or defect, our Westfield plastic surgery team is all about supporting your desire to look and feel your best – and live your life to the fullest.

It’s All in the Details

Patients choose Dr. Burnett for his skill, professionalism, and unparalleled results. But we think it’s the little luxuries that make all the difference. Our office is comfortable and intimate, and our friendly staff makes you feel instantly at home. We offer beverages to waiting patients and ensure your comfort during office procedures with a proprietary topical numbing formulation developed by our compounding pharmacist. Most importantly, we schedule ample time for your consultation with Dr. Burnett, so you can feel confident that your treatment or procedure will deliver the desired results. In addition, our $100 surgery consultation fee can be deducted from the cost of your procedure.

Specialized Care for a Diverse World

Every patient is special, and you deserve treatments and procedures that are tailored to your transformation goals. Dr. Burnett serves women and men of diverse backgrounds, and as an African American plastic surgeon, he is considerate of ethnic characteristics. He provides individualized care for people of color, including African Americans, Asian Americans and people of Hispanic descent, who want an experienced specialist who understands how to improve natural beauty while retaining their unique ethnicity.

Technology Makes Us Tick

Dr. Burnett is crazy about technology, using it to develop more efficient and effective procedures and to enhance the patient experience. Our favorite tech tools include New Look Now, which gives you a virtual and realistic “sneak peek” of your treatment results. And we love myTouchMD and Patient Now for tracking your treatment experience. Dr. Burnett is also active on Zwivel, the online cosmetic consultation site, and is a highly engaged member of the RealSelf online community, dialoguing directly with prospective patients about treatments and procedures.

Learn more about our Westfield plastic surgery team and what we can provide for you by calling us at (908) 524-0063 today!