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Meet Dr. Carlos Burnett

Plastic Surgery in Westfield - Left Quote I visited Dr. Burnett to inquire about getting a liposuction procedure on my hips and thighs, which I hated since I was nine years old. I had often thought of having the procedure, but given that I never had a surgical experience before, I was apprehensive and a little fearful. Dr. Burnett and his staff immediately helped
to quell my fears and I proceeded with the procedure. During the process, I felt as though I was a member of their "family", given the special treatment I received. Having the procedure enabled me to feel more confident and happy with my body, which I had
never felt before. As a result, I visited an open call with a prominent modeling agency, a dream since I was a teenager, but was fearful of the reaction I'd get due to my hips and thighs. Having the liposuction boosted my self-confidence and enabled me to face my fear; I went to the open call and was asked to sign a contract! Thank you, Dr. Burnett and staff, for strengthening my self-confidence and helping me attain my dream. You are a treasure!
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~ Anonymous

Dr. Carlos Burnett, skilled New Jersey plastic surgeon

Plastic Surgery in Westfield - Dr. Carlos Burnett Dr. Burnett has been board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has trained on both coasts, in California as well as in the Tri-State area, and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He completed medical school at NYU's School of Medicine before his residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, where he was Chief Resident. He has also completed advanced Fellowship training at the University of Southern California School of Medicine.

In addition to serving patients in his Westfield private practice for more than 15 years, Dr. Burnett also works with the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway, NJ, and the Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ.

Dr. Burnett is committed to providing the highest standard of care, which includes the latest procedures and techniques. He remains up-to-date with education by partaking in advanced training provided by organizations with which he is affiliated. Memberships include:
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons
Plastic Surgery in Westfield - Q & A with Carlos Burnett, MD, FACS

Q & A with Carlos Burnett, MD, FACS

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  • Rating: 5Plastic Surgeon Westfield - 5 Star Reviews
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    Best doctor to deal with and The best I have ever dealt with. He's Professional but also down to earth and easy to talk to.
  • Plastic Surgeon Westfield - 5 Star Reviews by Kelly A. At 60 years old my neck had sagged and it really was bothering me. So I went to Dr. Burnett for a consultation. We discussed the pros and cons of a few different options, and I was intrigued that I could get permanent improvements in my neck without the use of anesthesia. Dr. Burnett did the smart lipo procedure right in his office, almost two months ago. Now I have definition along my jawline, and a curvy neck instead of a droopy neck. This alone makes me look 10 years younger, and I am thrilled! I felt like a VIP in his care too; Patricia and Lori guided me along from the moment I arrived.
  • Plastic Surgeon Westfield - 5 Star Reviews by Kelly A. I’ve been going to Dr. Burnett for over a year now and I was excited when I heard he got the new Smartlipo. I had three procedures done on Friday. My inner and outer thighs and a banana lift. There was only drainage the first day, which was normal and I was sore. I took two extra-strength Tylenol, but I feel like I didnt even need it and I am not one who has high-tolerance to pain. I chose to wait two days to shower and I was driving by Sunday and back at work on Monday, my co-workers were shocked including myself. ~ Kelly A.
  • Plastic Surgeon Westfield - 5 Star Reviews by Kelly A. Dr. Burnett and his staff were so warm and comfortable they made me feel at home. They gave me a bag filled with everything I needed, padding for my bed, extra gauzes, garments, prescriptions, and Aquaphor for the incisions. In fact, the incisions were so small, my husband and I couldn’t even find them to apply the Aquaphor. I had to wear the compression garment for 24 hours a day for two weeks and just at night for three weeks. The results were greater than I’ve ever imagined, my husband and I were so impressed. I highly recommend Dr. Burnett for anyone. He is the best in this field and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t get it done by him. ~ Lisa
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