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Healthier Skin Just Looks Better - Men are Starting to Get it

Healthier Skin Just Looks Better - Men are Starting to Get itIn Monday's New York Times article about men taking an interest in skin care, they made the point that seeing the evidence is the best way to convince a guy about using skin care products.  When a man sees the dry skin on his face disappear, or the fine line around his eyes fade, and can admit that he likes the way he looks and feels as a result, he will start to appreciate skin care: evidence-based enlightenment.


I have so many emotional and intellectual reactions to this "breakthrough" news, all of them positive, I am having a hard time focusing on where to start. I guess the strongest one is to offer a big BRAVO! to the men who are willing to challenge convention - for bravery in allowing an interest to emerge in the condition of his skin, for being willing to acknowledge that he really does care about his appearance and that skin is a part of that, for taking a look at a product category that historically is the domain of women.


"My husband recently got his nails done for the first time.  The process is a little different from what I could tell - more buffing, naturally only a clear polish if any.  I thought that was a breakthrough.  He remarked on how much neater his nails looked, and plans to do it again for our next special occasion.  Change - I love it!  However he has not found happiness with a skin care product yet - oh well, maybe next year."


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